Play by play

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What happens in a typical fight between someone's squishy priest and your run of the mill shield paladin:

Mark [ ... ] says:
dp and pain on him, woosh cleansed

Mark [ ... ] says:
run run run, scream

Mark [ ... ] says:

Mark [ ... ] says:
runs up and shields slams for 6k, does his holy thing for 4.5k

sean^2 is says:

sean^2 is says:
bye christy

Mark [ ... ] says:
screaming why this stun lasts for 6 sec

Mark [ ... ] says:
finally start to run

Mark [ ... ] says:
hammer of sit the fuck down

Mark [ ... ] says:

It's only so funny to the point of physical hurt because it's true. I still love you Christy <3

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25 random things

Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, because I got tagged by Sarah and I'm at work way too early (only to find Gilbert in a state of horrific inversion), I'm going to go ahead and fill up this 25 Random Facts About Me note thing.

1. I can't smoke. Laugh if you must (the guys sure as hell did, all the way down State Street).

2. I hate leeches. For the love of God and everything holy and unholy, I *hate* leeches.

3. I didn't name my frog. One of my art directors, Werns, christened him Gilbert.

4. My heart still feels like it's going to thump out of my chest when I PvP in WOW.

5. Public speaking (and performing!) gives me the hives.

6. I loved tables at one point in my life and swore never to use that blasphemy called CSS. Fast forward a couple of years...

7. Following the same train of thought, I swore never to do engineering or anything chemistry related when I left high school. And what did I goto university for? Chemical Engineering.

8. I love to sleep. Oodles and oodles of love for sleep.

9. I'm a hopeless romantic and hate myself for it. Yay, me!

10. One day, I will find the nerve to bungee jump. I WILL.

11. The folks picked my "Sean" from the "Sean" the belonged to the Goddess of Mercy. Oh, the irony <3

12. I break electronic devices much too often for my liking. Shit just malfunctions!

13. Chances are, I can wreck your face with my priest 1v1. Bring it.

14. I would love to able to visit a place that screams snowstorm at least once every year.

15. I love everything about rain--so long as I'm indoors :P

16. I am horrible at forgiving. Only because I selectively remember stuff all too well.

17. I was supposed to climb Mt. Kinabalu last year before I turned 25. Failed.

18. I am a bad judge of character LOL Paulo swears by it.

19. Every office (my dining room doesn't count) that I've worked in so far feels like a meat freezer.

20. I put my hair up when I'm having a bad hair day.

21. My friends are like my extended family (although, my dad sometimes beg to differ, lol). <3

22. I am really emo at heart. Wrist cutting, dark poem writing emo.

23. I love hot showers. Steam rising, blister inducing, skin flayingly hot.

24. I bite my nails. I paint them to avoid biting them.

25. I came to work before 11am on the 27th this month even though it was "forbidden". Cough.

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Leveling progress

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Status: piss poor.


- leveling on my paladin is twenty levels of suck. I spend more time PVPing with HORRIBLE DKs instead of leveling. Seriously, leave me alone. Is it really fun getting ass raped instead when you're trying to gank?

- my mage has been 73 since forever. On the plus side, I can teleport to Dalaran, nyah nyah :p

- and no, I'm not an addict (/cough to person who left a message in the post before this; you're welcome to level my mage for me :p). I don't spend (or have) enough time to be classified as an addict (hi2u Nate hehe)

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Death Knight Nekomati

Monday, November 17, 2008

First off, +1 to those who got the joke in my DK's name ;p I have to say, the first three levels being a death knight are by far the best levels in WoW I've ever played. You pillage, maim, steal and kill your way through the little town of Havenshire in order to learn the ropes of being a death knight. It's also a nice touch that you have the Lich King whispering little bouts of encouragement like "Finish it!" when you're stabbing some townsfolk and/or a member of the Scarlet Crusade in the face.

Yes, they took morality and clubbed you over the head with it. Poker stabbing humans for information? Check. Using your skeleton drake to chew on Scarlet Crusaders to replenish mana? Check. Hey, I even get 15k experience for using the Neural Needler (cough).

On the other hand, my paladin is getting ass raped by death knights running in packs of five in Hellfire. Seriously. I had this shit for brains blood elf death knight who tried to gank my paladin, only to be owned in return... THREE TIMES. Do you know how much time that bastard cost me!? Ok, I lost round four because a level 65 death knight rode by and helped him out (I was 62 then! :p). But I returned the favor in the fifth round and sat there after one swing watching Yonne's lock light him up.

She's never making it to 80 by the rate this is going T_T

Back to playing death grip volleyball with the lowbies.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

is my ret paladin. And the cause of my sleepless nights.
Even though very much under-geared with level 27 bracers on a 53 and cruising through the lands of Azeroth at an unforgiving average latency of 700ms, everything she touches is destroyed by holy light (hey, hey and I don't even have Divine Storm yet) in seconds.

All the godly power is... addictive.

So I sat there... nuking boars, Lost Ones, basilisks... the random orc or two... vultures... until there were NONE.

And shafted myself in the process since all I can think about now is to haul ass to 70 so I can nab my PVP gear :/

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Spirit of Competition

Monday, August 11, 2008

In honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, you can now get your very own pet Chinese dragon by participating in your battleground of choice :D

Spirit of Competition!
Spirit of Competition!

Both the mage and druid have the dragon but my priest somehow can't seem to get her hands on it :/ No, it's not by top healing in the battlegrounds (tried it, I swear :p)... which makes me wonder how Kitty got hers o.O

Well, if anyone finds out... let me know, or I'm going to have to resort to ninja-ing killing blows by way of Shadow Word: Death to get my dragon on Chibi!


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Embracing your inner spiritual self

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Chibi tribute post:

Radial whoring: World of Warcraft Priest class tee!
Radial whoring: World of Warcraft Priest class tee!

The sleepy look: I know, I was half asleep and in a rush to get to work.
The sleepy look: I know, I was half asleep and in a rush to get to work.

Super sexy priest tee from J!NX came, woohoo! :D I have the mage one too ^^;

p/s: For the record, that guild was Yonne's idea -_-

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25 on the 25th

Friday, July 25, 2008

I do this every year, so I figured why break tradition? :)
I kicked off year 25 with an excitingly anticipated conference call with the lovely Sara, whom I finally got to speak to after years of working with and Kevin! :D

And in no particular order, here's a recap of the fun, glamorous and obnoxiously horrific things of how "24" went:

Pole dancing lessons--and all the wonderful ladies at pole class :D

Pole dancing--on a stage with my awesome partner Misty in a club in front of a large audience... with really only (mom and dad, please turn away and not continue reading this line) a corset and those sexy pinstripe undies with red ribbons on the side.

Discovering Cyberjaya--I swear if I never got the job working at RSB, until today, I still wouldn't know how to get to that god forsaken place.

Team RSB--Rails Rumble, lots of Ruby on Rails, fun with CSS, a few Facebook applications and more geeky shit :) Oh... and AGILE... and converting from Dreamweaver (I only use split screen view! :p) to TextMate.

Team RSB--oh, the fights! Going to war and defending your shit. Thank you :)

Took public transportation to KL at eight in the bloody morning. Don't even ask.

Got a Macbook that traveled with me all the way to Chi-town! :D

Chicago--graciously hosted by Diana, Andrew, Jaime and Owen smack in the middle of winter <3 Much apologies to the guys shoes' which I puked on at the dueling piano bar after my orgy of drinks, heh. And Super Bowl!

Vegetarian food--like, seriously. In all my past 23 years combined, I've never had as much vegetarian food as I did working in Cyberjaya for those few months :p Every thing's a mushroom. Or bean.

Advertising at Proximity--I architect information, hah ;p And boy do I still hate Flash :p Admittedly, we have shit for internet but at least we get free beer and truckloads of processed sugar :D

My fuck-me-red iPod died. DIED.

Gave the second chance thingie a second try. Didn't work out too hot.

Swung around an obstacle course four stories up in the air with the crazy kids at Standard Charted. Oh, the drinking games. Much love! :)

Doing stupid shit on the webcam.

Mage went frost... and priest snagged the 2000 rating with Cibo (and a little help from sassy Higgins hehe).

Rediscovering what it means to have an "actual job" and how it cuts down dramatically on your social life.

Revisiting my teenager years of indulging my currently not-so-secret any longer teeny boppy girly crush fantasies.

Bumped into unpleasant clients (thankfully only two!)--the worst of the two being a misogynistic a-hole (pretty much self explanatory).

Whored my liver out to Turborg just so I could get to the KL Music Festival '08.

Salsa classes--just started! ;p

Streaked my hair red and adopted green contact lenses in the name of vanity.

Bumping into people with subzero PR skills. Yes, again, God kills a lolcat every time I have to tolerate this.

Two of my friends are engaged! :D

Obsessing over a track from the Ministry of Sound radio for ages without knowing the title (simply because it's so obscure I couldn't find it)--only to find it on someone's playlist on the first day at Proximity (thanks Yee Ee :D)! I have the track but sadly, I still don't know what it's called.

And that's that; I'm still high on my fever and both my brain and fingers have rebelled and stopped working... although, I'm not sure if I should include HTML5 to that list :x

Pictures will come tomorrow! :) Happy Birthday to all the other July babies out there! :D

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The cryptic sunset

Monday, June 30, 2008

Someone once told me that if I had nothing good to say, I shouldn't blog.

But I just have to say that despite my random bitching I had an amazing June and am looking forward to an amazingly fantabulous July :)

Would be even more amazing if the GC is still in proximity.

I see what you did there. Ah, addictions ^^;

Ninja edit: arena rating requirements on honor gear sucks bollocks! WTB 1700 rating boots!! >/ Yes, I'm a baddie.

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Oh, you jest...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'd sell all three toons for the amazing Bard Hero Class. Coming soon to your World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King ;)


Oh also, don't forget to pick up your very own Molten Core game! <3 Gotta love the 40-man pre-BC raids ^^;

p/s: Happy April's Fool from Blizzard :p Fear the killer riffs.

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Ready, steady... blotch

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random Tuesday afternoon musings including (but most definitely not limited to) angsty bitching of sorts:

#1 Dyeing
I love my new red-streaked hair :D Don't worry, incoming self-whoring pictures of mentioned red hair soon. It glows under sunlight *beams* too, fun stuff.

#2 Hiring
I've been left with the amazing task of looking for one uber designer to join the team. Even if I do *immensely* enjoy sifting through nameless resumes of candidates from various backgrounds who ALL seem to have PS/AI experience... for God's sake man, if you're applying for a job as a graphic designer, YOU NEED A BLOODY PORTFOLIO. "Five years experience in Photoshop" just doesn't quite cut it if you've got nothing to show for it, comprende?
And oh, gotta love the ones who've got "advanced" CSS skills with sites made in tables and fugly .green_underline and .blue_font classes in their table rows... I'm beyond flabbergasted.

#3 Coloring
Green colored contact lenses are no workie for Asian eyes. You want green? Skip the "more natural" green and go all out neon turquoise or some funkadelic color. So much for the RED hair and GREEN eyes spectacular Monday shock. I think I'll have one blue and one green this Friday and see how that turns out... yes, my office is an amazing place to work at :p

#4 Dancing
No, I don't look cool when I dance (spaz left, spaz right... some evil bastard reincarnation of crumping and Riverdance, you get the idea)... I mean, I'd like to pretend I do... even though I really, REALLY don't... but yeah. No, I will not youtube.

#5 Tripping
I graduate from moron to clumsy moron in proximity of people (well, there's really just this one person) I'm fond of. Granted I'm not your typical haughty minx to begin with but the alternative of being reduced to a frantic, besotted idiot isn't quite appealing either. Although, I'm not sure if it's noticeable (at least apparently not to him), considering I'm normally bouncing off walls high on air anyway.

#6 Raiding
Yonne needs to stop taking stuff out of the guild bank while he's on my druid lest Nate goes batshit mental when/if 200+ gems disappear again (p/s: this is World of Warcraft related). I love Magister's Terrace but I hate the horde who camp the meeting stone. In other news, I'm pewpew frost and suffer from too much ADHD to own a pet. YES, I CAVED. Now shut it.

#7 Eating
Yees is back (for 2 weeks anyway)! And it has been an eating expedition. It's claypot chicken rice tonight, wewt!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And yes, that title is me attempting to be hip with Rails. That and reading Why's book has left me in a sordid state of bat shit mental confusion.

I am quite amazed (by amazed I really mean creeped out) at how freakishly animated I get when I talk about my mage/priest/druid. I spent one hour talking to KS about how overpowered his rogue is ahem, should he come back to play that is, and that I run off screaming like a little girl when I see one on my mage. It's sickening how I am able to moan about how overpowered the twin blades of Illidan are when I've yet to actually set foot into Black Temple.
The only time I actually see them is when I'm in the arenas getting a new one torn by Undead Rogue #8712347 who just HAPPENS to be in full tier 6 gear and just HAPPENS to be in the lowbie bracket.

I'm not crying. I'm not crying.

Excuse me while I go beat on every stun spell/talent/proc with a splintered bat before setting it on fire.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iceblock is now trainable.

And taken from the official WoW mage forums, this is exactly what I'll be doing with Iceblock when the servers come back up:

(4) I will ICEBLOCK when fighting irritating Frost Mages who ICEBLOCK to save their ass. We will share an unspoken bond as we stare at each others frozen bodies wondering who will pop their IB first although I am pretty sure he will be really pissed off that I can do it now too as a fire mage.

How will you ICEBLOCK? ;)

That and I'm going to enjoy spilling a healthy dose of Dragon's Breath into the faces of annoying hunters and their pets. Die. Die in a big, roaring fire.

And finally, goodbye and good riddance to prep/AR rogues :p


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Busy, busy

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wah! I've been busy (surprisingly ;))!

Updates coming soon; includes but not limited to: Time Together (omgosh a sneak preview! ;p), Supermoi (the guys are going to kill me), WoW winter fest (Greatfather Winter is cheap...) and New Year resolutions?

They need to bring back the sexy snowball knockback effect. Sniping party members in battlegrounds is a dying art. For shame.

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Hallow's End

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chaos in the office and today is work from home day! :) Read all about it here.

It's Hallow's End in WoW! And thus it begins the orgy of good, clean fun doing the seasonal quests, stuffing your face with Hallow's End Pumpkin Treats and running down (or away from) the PVP flagged horde while in Tirisfal Glades ;)

This year, on top of your usual trick-or-treating, they added a super sexy 5-man quest (the Headless Horseman) in the Graveyard part of Scarlet Monastery which you kick-start by clicking on a huge pumpkin and stuffing a candle in the dirt pile behind the pumpkin. On a side note, summoning this sexy rider actually takes up a daily quest slot, so I wouldn't actually recommend solo-ing or you'd end up like this:

Pumpkin heads!
Pumpkin heads!

Yes, us clothies tried to tank the guy (poor Ram, having major heart attacks trying to heal us through heavy mashing between blazing speed procs) and naturally, it wasn't the best of ideas. We failed and got turned into pumpkin heads.

But we eventually made it! And he drops...

Magic broomsticks

Flying broomstick
Magic broomsticks.

.. magic broomsticks for both ground and air! <3 Too bad it disappears once the event is over :(


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Forum thread love

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because this is what really goes on in a forum, especially on
Much <3



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The many reasons

Thursday, July 12, 2007

People randomly disconnect from WoW for multiple reasons. It could possibly be (but obviously not limited to) because your modem kicked the bucket, you have Streamyx as your prodiver, you could've "accidentally" tripped over the cable (hi Alex! :p), your kitchen is on fire or your computer was in the unfortunate collision course of an unknown, burning alien projectile that just came throw your window. Who knows, really?

Today Calvin and Eva ditched our lowbie all-paladin VC run and left Mark and I twiddling our thumbs at Moonbrook. Eva came back s-e-v-e-n hours later to tell us their modem died.

Even though we love them to death, Mark and I had another theory (what else do you do to kill time?):

Mark [ ... ] says: ohhh
Mark [ ... ] says: eva is on, said something with the modem was why
Mark [ ... ] says: why they would go afk till they logged off if the modem was causing problems I dunno
Mark [ ... ] says: I still say she jumped him
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: she so did
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: i don't know what she calls him though
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: "BABY *hair grab* ggrrrr"
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: literal "O.o" from calvin
Mark [ ... ] says: that quickly turns into a :D
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: nono
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: from O.o to ~_~ to :o to :D to ><
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: shock, acceptance, "oh myyyy", happy happy joy joy, climax
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: LOL
Mark [ ... ] says: then :| *yawn*
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: or you can do it 4chan style.. the guy is taking a smoke and the girl is curled up crying
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: lawl, so bad
Mark [ ... ] says: or nerdstyle and reverse that
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: i'd so reverse it, but that's just me hahah
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: can i blog this LOL
Mark [ ... ] says: yea
Mark [ ... ] says: ps, you couldn't make me cry
Mark [ ... ] says: just beg for more ;p
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: pervert, so blogged
Mark [ ... ] says: name calling pfft

<3 Cal and Eva :D (don't kill me -_-)


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm not, really.

But I am a pack rat, hah.
Not self-proclaimed mind you... just observations from these overly ANAL people I seem to hang out with -_-

I don't see major issues with hanging onto stuff that's decrepit and old! lol
It's supposedly a "bad habit" I carry all the way even into WoW... yeah, between the few people who log onto my characters and their wanton escapade of raiding and sharding EVERYTHING in my bank, I'm really going to have nothing left :P

Besides, some of the old, useless things make for good memories... ones that you've temporarily forgotten, but linger in your subconscious state waiting to be tenderly pricked and aroused.

It's sometimes numbly sweet, gently sharp but more often it feels like a reach into your chest... and a loving squeeze :)

Fine, instead of clearing up the litter I am adamantly trying to justify the chaos (or the right to keep stuff).

On the topic of "stuff", Yees and I were gossiping about presents and how she wanted another LV bag (preferably given of course) to which I countered a pair of Jimmy Choo's would be excellent too. Although, Yees already has more than enough handbags in my opinion haha

Tsk tsk, all these preppy LV totting fashionistas! ;)

Personally, the thing with gifts... it's all out flattering but if it's coming from the wrong person it's just downright awkward.

Of course... me being me and seeing how a short answer like that wouldn't have sufficed, I cheesed a response to Yees and lamented, "The one person I want gifts from but would never allow and who will never be able to send me one is the only one I truly yearn for."

I think Yees choked and ran off to throw up her dinner right after.

Melodrama - 1; Yees - 0.

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Then the morning comes

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday mornings are great.

It has replaced my lazy Thursdays simply because I will inevitably end up doing things that I really shouldn't be doing a lot at all (*cough*WoW*cough*sleep*cough*) :)

To make things even more irresistibly lazy, the monsoon season has kicked in. Rain, rain, blissful rain every mid-afternoon straight into dewy evenings lit by pastel shades of dawn peeking through the dissipating clouds.

Yup, and don't even get me started on work--the rain has this strange effect on me and literally puts a hole in my head where my brain is supposed to be -_- Needless to say, my wastepaper basket is filling up with discarded designs.

And yay! My new 2v2 doesn't suck albeit the horrible name I picked for it! :P
Well, it's not horrible horrible just... yeah, you'd think with the amount of semi-creative bullshit I regurgitate from time to time I would've come up with something better than "chocolate chip cookies" haha

But chocolate chip cookies are awesome <3
WTB milk :)

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Losing it at 1300ms

Monday, May 28, 2007

"0-10? You have to be fucking kidding me."


"You make me cry, to think I called you a very good mage. I take that back, you suck."

"I never said I was a good mage, only you said that xD Erikk calls my priest spec bad too."


"I stole your spec, I'm 28/33 disc/holy but I don't have Blessed Resilience."

"Go respec now or I'll beat you."

** Pere ditched our 2v2 (lol hi Mari xD) for a higher rating team! So uh, terrible terrible mage looking for 2v2 team ^^; Preferrably someone who wants to have fun and is OK with the glaring possibility of losing all ten games in a row. Must decide on team name; "anythinglah" is already taken for the 3v3. Have chocolate chip cookies <3


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Oral fixation

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To the people from Illidan who are currently reading this post, the only reason I'm blogging is because my prepaid time ran out. Yes, I got pwned big time... considering I just got my dirty little hands on a sexy flying epic ;/

In other news, going to the dentist is almost as exciting as falling face first into unforgivngly brittle asphalt after leaping off the pinnacle of the Petronas Twin Towers. After the -longest- time, I went to see the dentist to get some scaling work done.

I've been meaning to do it, really.

But I've just been putting it off... I wonder why, hmm.

However, it was when the ultrasonic scaler hit my gums and sent a nasty ricochet straight down to my toes had I realize why I NEVER did make a dental appointment and seemingly procrastinate in actually going to one for the longest time ever.

God, I hate going to the dentist for tooth scaling.

At least wisdom tooth removal came with local anaesthetic... well, after you feel that huge needle make its way into your delicate gums. Scaling? Head-on collision of sterile, unyielding metal with raw, tender tissue. Also, post wisdom tooth removal perks included fun stuff like Oxycodone; post tooth scaling however, just came with the lingering phantom high-pitched buzz of the scaler stuck in your head for the next few hours or so.


I have beautifully clean and shiny teeth now.

Yes, beautifully clean and shiny teeth that I can grit in annoyance when my aunt (who's been living with us for about two weeks now) starts talking to me like she's trying to get the attention of a three year old who's too busy drooling over herself to care about anything else.

Even though I am aware it's morbidly hilarious from a third party's point of view, dealing with my aunt is quite exasperating.

That whole baby voice talk? Apparently it's only reserved for me since she does this auto voice switch from talking to my parents. Maybe your husband and son will appreciate it... hell, probably your son's kid will love it BUT your twenty-three year old niece DOES NOT.

Frankly, the tone of her voice stresses me out and it takes all my self control to not pop a vein in my neck and scream at her when she does that -_-

Gosh, I won't even start with her habits that are driving me batshit insane right up the nearest wall.

Three more days. Just three more days.

And if you're wondering, yes, I do try to ignore her. No, I don't feel bad for ignoring and being the rude, unresponding, uncaring niece because ignorance really is bliss at times.

A little scary, but true.

Speaking of scary, Ed mentioned that my profile on MSN looks scary...

Neko's MSN profile picture
Scary -_-

Ed said it "look like the stare of woman when they found something out about u."

To which I countered in the conversation below:

sean :: says: i think i'll blog
sean :: says: and put up this picture --->
sean :: says: and your commentary about it
sean :: says: LOL
*sierra Edward says: lol
*sierra Edward says: damn
*sierra Edward says: i close the picture fyi
*sierra Edward says: lol
sean :: says: lol
*sierra Edward says: i don't like stare haha
*sierra Edward says: that stare imply so many things.. i.e. u peed on the bed last night
sean :: says: LOL
*sierra Edward says: haha
*sierra Edward says: k don't put that on commentary btw
sean :: says: sooo going up
*sierra Edward says: damn

It doesn't look that scary :(

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Oh, lately it's so quiet

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I've decided that despite all my past bitching, ignorance is bliss and I've succumbed to the devil that is the Burning Crusade.

It's been two weeks or so since the WoW addiction has latched onto my will power with gigantic suction cups and have since refused to let go. Even though I may turn purple soon, I'm not 70 yet. Sadly. Levelling is so painfully slow I do believe everyone else's alt is going to beat me to 70.

Doesn't help that you have to level in that shithole called Nagrand (take a guess what level I am! :P). Yeah, awesome. It's the crackwhore version of Stranglethorn; kill thirty of this, kill thirty of that, run all the way south when the quest giver is up north in some decrepit hut, kill thirty more of this blah blah crap bullshit and then you have that agony of a trampoline quest. The dev that came up with the idea (wrote the algorithm, whatever), needs to have his brains examined, fingers hacked off and degree revoked.

Or maybe, which is possibly true, I'm just really bad.

Did I mention the rep grind I have to look forward to when I hit 70?

And I despise Blood Elves. So very, very much.

On another note, what is it with people who've got pride SO HUGE and nasty it ultimately destroys all forms of logic and sanity? For fuck's sake, if you don't know something... just say you don't know. If you made a mistake, just MAN THE FUCK UP and admit it.

It doesn't make you any less of a person just because you don't know something or made a mistake... but when you cover that up with little lies that eventually catch up to you and bite you smack in the ass -HARD-, then it's a whole new ballgame.

I sound like a broken recorder... very reminiscent of the whole e-mistress drama which I believe was madder than the Mad Hatter at his own tea party. But I digress.

Speaking of which, I used to know this guy (past tense usage is recent too!)... and really, don't ask me what's wrong with him because even though I'd love to share, I really don't know what happened to him.

He went from an intellectual, much-liked CAPABLE young man to a UNBELIEVABLY disappointing, irresponsible, disrespectful, dishonest sack of shit.

Maybe he had a lobotomy sometime in the past year or so, who knows? Boggles the mind really, the gaping chasm of irresponsibility he created and hovered in. Then again, maybe it's the pride issue (see statement in the paragraphs above). I'm more inclined to think it was pride... especially when it came to financial issues and the whole "Mom, be proud of me" syndrome.

Look, I understand you don't want to be a disappointment to your mom/parents/relatives/uncles/pet dog but I don't think that gives you a right to fuck the people you're around 24/7 at that point in time over either. Ugh, still can wrap any logic around how as long as you're not a disappointment to your parents, screwing everyone else over is "OK"?

It's not like none of us tried to help. Apparently he was too good for our help.


Anyway, back to Nagrand to elevate my goat killing status.

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Rub one... uh.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Massages are heavenly and quite possibly the second closest natural way to send you soaring into a euphoric bliss followed by the oh-so-gentle, stolen comfort of slipping away into warm, fuzzy, sleepy satisfaction. If you've never had one, you are missing out.

Of course I'm talking about the wimpy aromatherapy sort... and maybe the foreplay ;) However, the only thing a traditional massage gives me is the extremely realistic sensation of a few broken ribs while it's going on. And then, there's also the complete agonizing, full body experience of getting hit by a Mack truck one limb at a time the next morning as you attempt to get out of bed.

Although, I realize a massage is generally supposed to be relaxing (with all that professional caressing and molesting going on against your back, mmmhmm) but there is a moment when I'm gripped with unexplainably ridiculous ice, cold fear... and that is when my masseuse works her way to the lower bottom of my back, to dangerously close proximity of my ass crack. It is then when the thought of "OhmyGod, does it smell" hits me like a perfectly thrown javelin.

Don't ask me why I get such an absurd notion considering I'm a huge fan of hour long showers and even longer baths (especially before I go out).

I suppose I'm prone to sharing strange and morbidly disgusting "stuff" at random periods of time much to the chagrin of my friends :P Well, that and pee smells funny after a massage session.

In other news, dimples are amazingly cute.

I wish I had them! But since I don't, I had to improvise:

Wannabe dimples
Wannabe dimples.

Ninja edit: people on WoW are stupid quacks. I'm helping a friend grind AV rep and I get an idiotic tell from a 56 NE Priest that goes, "hey, can you me make a crap load of lvl 55 water for a tip?"

I'm busy, do I look like I'm going to waste my time summoning a "crap load" of water for your cheap, unknown, stingy ass? Go tip the vendors and I'm sure they'll give you a "crap load" of water. Instead of ignoring I should've replied, "Only if you reroll dwarf, you terrible NE."

Yeah, I am (or was) a mage and that's the biggest pet peeve ever. Talk about in-game harassment. Die in a roaring fire you filthy water sucking scums.

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It finally had to happen

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My trusty camera, which has outlived a computer, a PS2 and an iPod Mini (i.e. very bloody old) has finally decided to keel over, make funny whirring noises upon starting up and collapse :( Spare me the ugly jokes... it's been said, done and beaten into a bloody pulp ;)

I suppose technology has a rather blunt way of telling me I'm morbidly out of date and should probably get to replacing the old hunk of metal with a brand new spanking, shiny one with enough functions to possibly boot up Photoshop on my machine from a remote location.

I had memorable moments with that camera; the fun, the kink and then some ;)

I might just have to arrange a proper burial for my digicam.

And then there's the issue of getting a new one, sigh.

Goodbye WoW Beta key. That is all.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm a geek for even mentioning this but I got invited to the WoW Expansion Beta test two days ago. Now I'm stuck, drifting between the possibilities of giving/selling the key away versus nose diving right back into sweet, sweet sinful digital addiction.

The evil key is still sitting in my mail and I think I'm going to kill myself.

I hate you Blizzard.

I hate you SO much.

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essence of air

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's been excessively dry as of late. Everything is flaking (if not falling) off.
Speaking of falling, I'm losing hair. Not in chunks, but in tiny wisps that you think you wouldn't miss but pass out when you notice the atrocious amount that basically leaves a telltale trail of where you've been around the house.

My dad thinks it's the funky sleeping hours. My mom thinks it's the weight loss. I personally blame my shampoo.

It's finally over. WoW accounts have been sold or are in the process of being sold. The perverse in-game sessions of channel havok have been exported to MSN. Then again, that's not entirely true considering the people who still play the game would be busy doing something in-game rather than alt-tabbing out every five seconds or so.

Be nice to (or don't bother harassing) the new nekomatta on Illidan.


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sold to the devil

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some would argue that World of Warcraft (WoW) is a more than "just a game" and besides the addiction of bashing other pixels into a distorted heap of unrecognized origins, it breathes, lives and integrates human emotions with smashing modern day technology into a bizarrely real dynamic society.

I personally disagree.

WoW is not a "feeling".

WoW is a fucking drug.

It's so addictive that freedom of choice is a mere illusion deeply harbored by those who desire to break free. At the moment, if you ask me what WoW is, I'd say it's the five lines of coke you snort every hour from the minute you log on.

Before you know it, even though you've just had your "fix" an hour ago, another 800cc of WoW please. Straight into that plump, pulsing vein in the side of my head.

Talk about a perpetual needle in your neck.

In short, I started playing again the two whole days my account was active -_-

I'm in a state of disconcerting bemusement as to whether to admit that it was somewhat satisfying setting other pixels on fire or to transfer my copy of WoW into a DVD so that I can physically break, shatter and microwave that thing into oblivion.

I might just need gaming therapy.

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the end of an era

Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's such an irony that i can't sleep past 7:30am anymore -_- at least, for the past three days or so :x
however, i don't think i fancy waking up early in the mornings anymore.

why? the cicaks are still awake in my kitchen O.o i nearly tripped over myself and bashed my foot into the wall by the kitchen sink when i felt one run over and across my toes. EEEEEEEEE xD

i've attempted to grow my nails out to get a french manicure (anybody know why it's called a french manicure? nico doesn't know, so much for going to the source :p) just to find long nails a terrible inconvenience! unless, if you're aiming to cause some serious damage ala sin city ;)

being unaccustomed with the idea of possibly long, glamarous nails, i find myself constantly chipping away at the remnants of the old girly shade that once coated my nails.

the flowers? long gone :x

no more wow!
shelving neko and chibi once and for all when my account expires... whenever that will be :x
(unless alex, you feel like playing her still lol let me know ^^;)

oh oh, news flash for the uneducated: contradiction is a bitch and screenshots are my best friends *beams* xD

since that's off my chest and past this sentence, existences have been thoroughly relinquished: no more drama! :D

time to celebrate with mango lolo ^^;

i'm driving *gasps* ;D

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let's swing

Friday, May 19, 2006

stemming from diamonds are forever, can i just say: EL OH EL IMMATURITY.

yeah, you know what i'm talking about ;) stop wasting my time. grow up kthx.
life is not a carousel. yours maybe, not others.
now maybe if some listening skills were adopted, we would all live happily ever after.

which part of 'leave me the fuck alone' do you not understand?

when your lies are broken apart there will be no saving grace from heaven or hell, not this time.

i can't say i fear nothing, because if i did it would just mean i love nothing.
perhaps before threats are flung, you of all people should contemplate the meaning of that statement. you are despicable and a despoiler of all things virtuous in human nature.

it's a shame but perhaps in the next lifetime, you will come to realize and understand that some things in life are indeed more precious than your own ego.

play time is over and i am taking apart this revolting set of twisted whims and fancies, starting now.



my baby graduated last week! kissu! <3
hurry home so i can give you your graduation present! ^^;

no, it's nothing perverted you dirty, dirty little children ;)

to be honest, i'm really contemplating giving him a cellphone he can't switch off :P i'm sure mike and yip will be happy lol!

i drove to get chris yesterday... O.o
and in the process nearly killed nico heading straight for a rather limpy, leafy palm tree branch :P
ok ok no one died, just that nico got out of the car a little pastier than before -_-

it's not a bloody amazing feat BUT we survived! lol
granted it's a little easier navigating around pj than it is kl... ;p

i've known this for awhile, but i'm pretty ashamed of myself when i say i know where my friends stay but don't know their addresses at all lol (as mr. rodriguez would painfully testify and whole-heartedly agree to :p sorry, i still don't know her address till today -_-)

yep, memory like a steel trap!
*cough*rust*cough* :p

it's friday! *cheer*
many hugs to josh and hopes that he gets his problems solved :)
when things are best left in the past, moving on is usually a better thing than it is a bad thing ^^;

last thing i want to do is spend more time boring the living daylights out of people who are about to leave work and head home ;)

by the bye, i still want your smut christy :p

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diamonds are forever

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i've noticed that my more properly worded and/or decent, scandal-free entries don't really grab the attention of any of my readers O.o perhaps i'm lacking the rage (as my posts are described by candice :p) and should tell people to sod off more lol or i just need to post up more pictures of food from malaysia :P

with all the delicious rumors being passed about, elevating my dull "normal" status to enticingly promiscuous kinky sex princess, i encountered my first sleazy in-game tell while minding my own business melting faces in arathi basin:

(of course, like *cough* all of us, this poor unknown chap was merely a little puppet to deliver the remarks because the actual person who wanted to say it has yet to GROW SOME BALLS. so much for "always being honest" with me. sorry, it's no fun if i'm going to censor shit out.)

dwarf warr: i heard you're kinda kinky... wanna have some fun? =p
me: sorry honey, you're not really my type ;)

*pause for face melting*

me: calis might be right up your alley though ;)

*pause for more face melting and awaiting the agm decision over their vent*

dwarf warr: threesome then?

*pause to think: bitch or saint, hmm*

me: sure... you, calis and bullet? ^^;


should've said they can't afford me ;) that would've fanned the embers a little for a longer and more entertaining conversation lol menyampah (translation: it's uhm, bad lol) as fuck.

if i could rewrite m! the opera, i'd call it m! the drama. not as stylistic, but guaranteed 100% more entertaining... that is, if you like long-winded scripts the epitome of beating a dead horse over and over again O.o

you like listening to me bitch right? so listen up lover.

you're such a lying asswipe.
assholes i can tolerate, but liars are just pushing it.
you know what bugs me? yeah, because they are coming from you.

from the meaningful little phone call while doing the dishes, the sound of music when i fell asleep by my keyboard to the sleepily giggled "good morning"s. forgot all that? or are you so blinded by your EGO you fail to remember all that was good and sincere (on my part, not too damn sure about yours now) while you're busy swallowing lies like the good little boy you are?

disappointment hardly fits the description. goodbye respect.

don't play with fire if you can't handle the heat.

that being said, it's over and done with. people make mistakes (you're proof that i make very stupid ones apparently) and we learn from them.

MOVE ON with your life and LEAVE ME ALONE.

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hung up, hung up on wow

Monday, April 10, 2006

you simply KNOW that you're going to hell in a handbasket because of wow (world of warcraft for the non-geeks) if you still log on despite the sexy red latency from dialup and the poor excuse for broadband tmnet calls streamyx O.o
three cheers for backwards technology!
the connection is soooooo bad i have the streamyx help support line on speed dial xD

so yes, i thought i would be wow-free when i got back to malaysia...

wrong! so wrong. xD

my baby installing wow on my lappie was basically him sticking a needle full of wow-crack into the fattest vein in my neck and going plunger-happy ;/ wow is the epitome of addiction. my addiction anyway lol ;)

oh yes, just thought i'd add this in... i am currently logged on :/
not to do anything really but to hang out and socialize because i am on the SHITTIEST CONNECTION ever. come say hi if you're free ;)

if you're reading this entry and you don't know i play wow (although, i suspect you all already do... not another word mo :p), let me just say that the only reason i really do log on is to pvp. pvp? huh?

short and simple, to pvp means to roam the world (or the instanced battlegrounds) for one sole purpose: total and complete annihilation of the opposing faction.
of course, that's the ideal case scenario... i usually get my ass spanked ;/ that's why i play a mage :P polymorph and blink kids ;)
well, i also play a shadow priest... or "shadowmage" depending if you're bitching about whether i've tossed you heals or not before in the past <3 my priest is so overpowered i love her.

however, i will always love my mage the most. she was my first *adoring sigh* ;) and the burst dps (damage per second) is just too sinfully delicious to give up. although, i think i'm going to tuck my mage in the closet for a bit and wait till her class review comes about *twiddle thumbs* -_-

damn you blizzard.

i have to admit, after recent events, i really didn't think i would be playing this stupid mmorpg (god help me... massive multiplayer online role playing game?) anymore :p sure it's the internet and it's only a game with strangers... but behind the flicker of the monitor, there is a real person sitting there interacting with you ^^;

of course, you could be fortunate enough to end up conversing with a complete asshole and have shit up to your ears piddling about in unwanted/avoidable drama :P

regardless, i've made some good "friends" (qoutes for the skeptics reading ;p), mastered the art of verbal abuse in the process of watching my toon die horribly, had a smashing time passing the days pvping with people/guildmates i adore and of course, gone psycho slaying dragons :P

so, uh... anyone want a 60 mage/priest with decent gear and have had lots of love and time invested and showered upon them? ;x

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.