All sorts of catching up to do

Monday, May 18, 2009

I realize it's six in the morning but seeing as my arms don't hurt anymore (muscle relaxants finally kicked in, woohoo!) and for some peculiar reason I'm WIDE awake... I thought it'd be a shameful waste to not blog the past two weeks of debauchery for the world to see.

Okay. Fine. I'm lying. I'm actually being mercilessly hounded for the pictures from the Google Maps Malaysia launch last week... and then some.

Nothing like motivation than the evil eye en masse.

As for why my arms make it feel like I'm listening to a banshee shriek every time I try to straighten them... here's a pro tip: don't invert for a full hour if you haven't actually been seriously pole-ing for two months or so. You will hate yourself bitterly come the next morning all the way through the next few days.


We worked really, really hard during the weekend of Labor's Day. No rest for the wicked!

Thursday night--

Lola is not drunk--yet, hehe.
Lola is not drunk--yet, hehe.

Terrorizing the podium with style--Ophelia, Lita and Lola
Terrorizing the podium with style--Ophelia, Lita and Lola

Credits to Lola and her cam for the pictures.

I obviously don't remember what happened on Friday seeing as I probably slept through. But anyhow...

Playing dress up

Saturday morning--

Vee came back home to check on her bridesmaids--only to find out they've yet to get their dresses (I'm so sorry lol)! She cracked the whip and soon Chris, Mei (another blushing bride-to-be) and I found our way to Vee's seamstress.

Chris is not posing.
Chris is not posing.

The brides discus about how demure cream looks better than sickly, cheap white. Vee looking absolutely serious.
The brides discuss about how demure cream looks better than sickly, cheap white. Vee looking absolutely serious.

After much fuss and gushing, Chris and I finally decided on our dresses (with Vee's blessing) and we should be in for fittings sometime mid June. So begins the losing war of a month long diet to look nothing less than spectacular in our bridesmaids dresses come July/August.

Happy Birthday Mei!

Saturday night--

Dinner was supposed to be at a Thai place called "My Elephant." Between Chris and Cina, the name of the restaurant got lost in translation some time during the morning and we all thought we were going to eat at "My Pink Elephant" at the Mansion of Happiness.

There were so many things that went wrong in my imagination.

Group picture at My Elephant

My Elephant with Terry, Yoong and Mei

Drinks and dessert at Leonardo's:

Birthday girl with her cake before we greedily dug into (and ruined) it as a collective
Birthday girl with her cake before we greedily dug into (and ruined) it as a collective.


Yummy bruschetta

View through the wine glass

Not sure what the finance kiddies are doing here. Market analysis? :p
Not sure what the finance kiddies are doing here. Market analysis? :p

Malaysian Dance Carnival 2009


On that same weekend, the Malaysian Dance Carnival 2009 as hosted at MidValley. Naturally, Viva Vertical had a short demo and KL Swing! had their first public performance!

Watch the pole performance here on YouTube.

I believe there was one picture of the KL Swing! team that is unfortunately on some unknown camera that has yet to show up on Facebook. Mama Ming has banned any of the videos from going up (our shim sham was that uncoordinated, yes it was lol). In defense of the boys and girls, it was our first time and dancing on carpet did not help matters the least bit.

Google Maps Malaysia launch

Let's just say, the launch epitomized Murphy's law of perversion where anything that can go wrong, will bloody indeed go wrong. There was no internet connectivity throughout the event, so much of the demos were seen with our imaginations. Hopefully, none of us were too far off.

Cerventus and I checking out the life sized map marker smack in front of No Black Tie. I so want one for the office!
Cerventus and I checking out the life sized map marker smack in front of No Black Tie. I so want one for the office!

I am here!
I am here!

Google Maps Malaysia at No Black Tie, KL
Google Maps Malaysia at No Black Tie, KL

Google Maps Malaysia at No Black Tie, KL

I also have to point out that it's such a small world as I bumped into Ivan:

Assaulting Ivan
... whom I assaulted right off the bat <3 Pardon the shakiness, there was no standing still for this one.

The boys: Arzumy, guy I didn't manage to get name (apologies!), Ditesh, Colin and Yoon Kit.
The boys: Arzumy, guy I didn't manage to get name (apologies!), Ditesh, Colin and Yoon Kit.

Some of the presenters:

I like how Andrew is casually not posing for the camera :)



If you were expecting Cliff notes of the launch... tough! :p The full video is with Surianee (I think, or Aizat). Feel free to hound them for it :D

And of course, no Google event would be complete without a glorifying tee:

I am here. The Google tee.

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Over the week-end

Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I've discovered (and took a whack at) over the past week and some that I will probably end up repeating and never, ever learn from:

** IE is a whore and doesn't render display: table-cell; and vertical-align: bottom; at all. I've resorted to display: block; and hacking the padding AND it's causing my face to physically hurt.

** Safari ate up 15 pixels of my layout (maybe I'm just that terrible). I don't know where it has gone to but it's driving me up the wall that I have to hack it. Naturally, the hack doesn't validate so much that it grinds on my anal retentiveness and is about to cause the fattest blood vessel in my neck to rupture.

** Also, IE has a goddamn hard-on for height: 1%; as opposed to an actual height value and some asphyxiation fetish with the line-height property. WHY!? Go choke on some saran wrap...

** While the wMode option in sifr makes IE behave (somewhat); it still doesn't solve the non-stickiness of the drop down menu that you want sitting above the header when you so casually hover over the list. Why must you be special. Why.

** After yonks since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, I'm still openly and unabashedly lusting after Spike. I swear, it's his platinum blondie hair. That and I won't lie about still wanting to f--uh, hug his undead brains out.

** The lighting in the MidValley food court does wonders for a little show and don't tell :) Pink is, after all, my favorite color :)

** I've mentioned this on Twitter before, but just because it made my glamorous readership of five burst out in hives laughing, I'll repeat--Adam on what I write on "she only writes about emo stuff, food, WoW and batshit emo stuff."

** I am so unforgivably terrible at DoTA I'm starting to wonder if WoW is an entirely different game altogether. My pride is in a deplorable state of tatters and sports a new gaping, bleeding hole after each game I have with Mark that ends with us being gibbed by the AIs. Pro-gaming, my ass.

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Make way for Clay

Monday, August 04, 2008

Over the weekend I churned out quite a few hours building the front of Hotlink Rewards' ClayCam site. While I'm pretty nifty with CSS (which is unfortunately not reflected in this ancient build of a blog :p) I ran into a brick wall or two trying to get jQuery to NOT BREAK.

But after hours of thumping my head against the table, shit finally works! :p Yes, I'm now the queen of bludgeoning pretty little jQuery plug-ins to bend it to my wicked ways.

jQuery plug-ins that were modified, butchered and bastardized: ThickBox, UI Tabs

Here are some of my favourites before I go into the wall of text (tomorrow!) that was my weekend of screaming, testing, debugging, more screaming and more testing:

Pixelatedly squished images courtesy of yours truly's lazy ass. To see the clay pieces in all their glory, drop by the clay gallery--I'm running short on time here! :p

I'd tell everyone to get their own piece of clay but submission is closed for today (server got swamped and went down a couple of minutes :p)! But don't forget to request your on-demand clay piece tomorrow at Hotlink Rewards ClayCam :)

No CSS was harmed in the making of ClayCam. jQuery however...

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25 on the 25th

Friday, July 25, 2008

I do this every year, so I figured why break tradition? :)
I kicked off year 25 with an excitingly anticipated conference call with the lovely Sara, whom I finally got to speak to after years of working with and Kevin! :D

And in no particular order, here's a recap of the fun, glamorous and obnoxiously horrific things of how "24" went:

Pole dancing lessons--and all the wonderful ladies at pole class :D

Pole dancing--on a stage with my awesome partner Misty in a club in front of a large audience... with really only (mom and dad, please turn away and not continue reading this line) a corset and those sexy pinstripe undies with red ribbons on the side.

Discovering Cyberjaya--I swear if I never got the job working at RSB, until today, I still wouldn't know how to get to that god forsaken place.

Team RSB--Rails Rumble, lots of Ruby on Rails, fun with CSS, a few Facebook applications and more geeky shit :) Oh... and AGILE... and converting from Dreamweaver (I only use split screen view! :p) to TextMate.

Team RSB--oh, the fights! Going to war and defending your shit. Thank you :)

Took public transportation to KL at eight in the bloody morning. Don't even ask.

Got a Macbook that traveled with me all the way to Chi-town! :D

Chicago--graciously hosted by Diana, Andrew, Jaime and Owen smack in the middle of winter <3 Much apologies to the guys shoes' which I puked on at the dueling piano bar after my orgy of drinks, heh. And Super Bowl!

Vegetarian food--like, seriously. In all my past 23 years combined, I've never had as much vegetarian food as I did working in Cyberjaya for those few months :p Every thing's a mushroom. Or bean.

Advertising at Proximity--I architect information, hah ;p And boy do I still hate Flash :p Admittedly, we have shit for internet but at least we get free beer and truckloads of processed sugar :D

My fuck-me-red iPod died. DIED.

Gave the second chance thingie a second try. Didn't work out too hot.

Swung around an obstacle course four stories up in the air with the crazy kids at Standard Charted. Oh, the drinking games. Much love! :)

Doing stupid shit on the webcam.

Mage went frost... and priest snagged the 2000 rating with Cibo (and a little help from sassy Higgins hehe).

Rediscovering what it means to have an "actual job" and how it cuts down dramatically on your social life.

Revisiting my teenager years of indulging my currently not-so-secret any longer teeny boppy girly crush fantasies.

Bumped into unpleasant clients (thankfully only two!)--the worst of the two being a misogynistic a-hole (pretty much self explanatory).

Whored my liver out to Turborg just so I could get to the KL Music Festival '08.

Salsa classes--just started! ;p

Streaked my hair red and adopted green contact lenses in the name of vanity.

Bumping into people with subzero PR skills. Yes, again, God kills a lolcat every time I have to tolerate this.

Two of my friends are engaged! :D

Obsessing over a track from the Ministry of Sound radio for ages without knowing the title (simply because it's so obscure I couldn't find it)--only to find it on someone's playlist on the first day at Proximity (thanks Yee Ee :D)! I have the track but sadly, I still don't know what it's called.

And that's that; I'm still high on my fever and both my brain and fingers have rebelled and stopped working... although, I'm not sure if I should include HTML5 to that list :x

Pictures will come tomorrow! :) Happy Birthday to all the other July babies out there! :D

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The blogroll has been officially XFN-ed! :)

In other news, Twitter's constant fail whale is really becoming a pain in the behind. Being twittertraitortastic, I hopped on the bandwagon and signed up for an account.

But no, I've yet to migrate over...


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Mage lf job; have reagents for table/port

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Because the last time I updated my resume was oh, let's say, a generation ago... I thought it was only fair (and responsible of me!) that I should invest some time into re-writing it seeing how the other resumes I've been looking at recently have only been as engagingly interesting as watching vegetables decompose into dirt.

Of course I had to throw in JQUERY and AGILE. Maybe SVN. Redux "Honorable Mention". Time Together Facebook application. How's that for keywords?

Was tempted to go all out with RAILS despite the fact I know squat about it (and that I still beg the guys for help :p). I mean, I have been "exposed" to it for about seven months now? Well, a one year round up is only fitting, yes?

To top it off, my resume is now graced with:

"Pro WoW gamer; level 70 frost mage/disc priest/resto druid (armory link provided upon request)"

p/s: I hope the folks at Jobstreet have a sense of humor or I'm probably going to get perma-banned from their site lol But if I can provide an armory link OPTION to my imaginary World of Warcraft characters, I'm sure you designers can provide a portfolio link somewhere. And no, "3 years experience with advanced CSS" and a site full of tables to show for it does not fly. Really.

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Ready, steady... blotch

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random Tuesday afternoon musings including (but most definitely not limited to) angsty bitching of sorts:

#1 Dyeing
I love my new red-streaked hair :D Don't worry, incoming self-whoring pictures of mentioned red hair soon. It glows under sunlight *beams* too, fun stuff.

#2 Hiring
I've been left with the amazing task of looking for one uber designer to join the team. Even if I do *immensely* enjoy sifting through nameless resumes of candidates from various backgrounds who ALL seem to have PS/AI experience... for God's sake man, if you're applying for a job as a graphic designer, YOU NEED A BLOODY PORTFOLIO. "Five years experience in Photoshop" just doesn't quite cut it if you've got nothing to show for it, comprende?
And oh, gotta love the ones who've got "advanced" CSS skills with sites made in tables and fugly .green_underline and .blue_font classes in their table rows... I'm beyond flabbergasted.

#3 Coloring
Green colored contact lenses are no workie for Asian eyes. You want green? Skip the "more natural" green and go all out neon turquoise or some funkadelic color. So much for the RED hair and GREEN eyes spectacular Monday shock. I think I'll have one blue and one green this Friday and see how that turns out... yes, my office is an amazing place to work at :p

#4 Dancing
No, I don't look cool when I dance (spaz left, spaz right... some evil bastard reincarnation of crumping and Riverdance, you get the idea)... I mean, I'd like to pretend I do... even though I really, REALLY don't... but yeah. No, I will not youtube.

#5 Tripping
I graduate from moron to clumsy moron in proximity of people (well, there's really just this one person) I'm fond of. Granted I'm not your typical haughty minx to begin with but the alternative of being reduced to a frantic, besotted idiot isn't quite appealing either. Although, I'm not sure if it's noticeable (at least apparently not to him), considering I'm normally bouncing off walls high on air anyway.

#6 Raiding
Yonne needs to stop taking stuff out of the guild bank while he's on my druid lest Nate goes batshit mental when/if 200+ gems disappear again (p/s: this is World of Warcraft related). I love Magister's Terrace but I hate the horde who camp the meeting stone. In other news, I'm pewpew frost and suffer from too much ADHD to own a pet. YES, I CAVED. Now shut it.

#7 Eating
Yees is back (for 2 weeks anyway)! And it has been an eating expedition. It's claypot chicken rice tonight, wewt!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And yes, that title is me attempting to be hip with Rails. That and reading Why's book has left me in a sordid state of bat shit mental confusion.

I am quite amazed (by amazed I really mean creeped out) at how freakishly animated I get when I talk about my mage/priest/druid. I spent one hour talking to KS about how overpowered his rogue is ahem, should he come back to play that is, and that I run off screaming like a little girl when I see one on my mage. It's sickening how I am able to moan about how overpowered the twin blades of Illidan are when I've yet to actually set foot into Black Temple.
The only time I actually see them is when I'm in the arenas getting a new one torn by Undead Rogue #8712347 who just HAPPENS to be in full tier 6 gear and just HAPPENS to be in the lowbie bracket.

I'm not crying. I'm not crying.

Excuse me while I go beat on every stun spell/talent/proc with a splintered bat before setting it on fire.

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Youth, punks!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One more flop from the friendly folks at YouthMalaysia (no, I'm not linking to their site solely based on the fact that I'm anti-Dreamweaver mass produced sites)... they sent everyone who participated in the Dotcom Youth Search event email.

By "send" I really mean they had everyone's email in the "To:" line.

Some of the people on the list were quite friendly and saw it as new means of networking, which isn't all that bad. I had a few good giggles from the bandwagoners :)

Unfortunately, my inbox is also now cluttered with SPAM from some of the shameless, self-whoring assholes on the list who've added all our emails to their mailing list in hopes to promote their craptastic sites.

YouthMalaysia needs to l2email while the other rubbish email bottom-feeders need to remove all our emails from their foul list or at least have a goddamn unsubscribe link so I never have to get email in piss poor, barely legible English from their company ever again.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm on neutral ground as far as the whole blog advertising frenzy in Malaysia is concerned. Granted my blog doesn't make any money anyway lol

HOWEVER, I was pinged earlier this morning regarding our very own Malaysian-bred blog advertising network's massive disaster and couldn't resist a snippet (or two) of colorful commentary.

The big blunder? Advertlets forgot to renew their domain name.

The result? Bloggers with the Advertlets script on their site gave their users free redirects to spammy sites!

Heck, even the good people at TechCrunch covered it: Advertlets Joins The Deadpool, Or Maybe Just Forgets To Renew Their Domain Name

Personally, I find the chaos ironically amusing considering the Advertlets founder (sorry Josh lol) is the same smart ass behind the whoisAdamKing domain snatch stint a few years back.

While criticizing Guinness back then for not securing their domain name as bad marketing practice probably gave him a few brownie points, I'm not sure forgetting to renew his cash cow's domain name counts for any stellar points either :P If anything, damage control with the wicked, wicked pool of unforgiving bloggers is going to be a bitch.

Posting reactions here would be so 2girls1cup-ish... but seriously, don't get trampled by the angry bloggers on the way out?

-20 points, sigh.


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This fountain of youth

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Because I'm a developer and designer-wannabe at heart... I have only this to say:


... i.e. see that wickedly cool horizontal bar or nasty 3px gap that appears on every site that carries the shameless little JScript "Vote for me!" dog ear when you're not using IE?

While looking for the NEXT HOTSHOT Dotcom youth, the people at Youth Malaysia completely forgot to actually hire a Dotcom "person" to make sure their JScript doesn't ONLY work on the IE browsers.

Charity begins at home kids.

And we've got a long, long way to go.

p/s: I'm only tolerating the bad JScript cause the gents in the office thought it'd be cool to have a submission to the Dotcom Youth Search

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Busy, busy

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wah! I've been busy (surprisingly ;))!

Updates coming soon; includes but not limited to: Time Together (omgosh a sneak preview! ;p), Supermoi (the guys are going to kill me), WoW winter fest (Greatfather Winter is cheap...) and New Year resolutions?

They need to bring back the sexy snowball knockback effect. Sniping party members in battlegrounds is a dying art. For shame.

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Usability derailed

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love Redux (we developed it, of course I love it) but the piss poor frustration that is the voting system makes me S-C-R-E-A-M and want to strangle the genius who came up with the system.


Are you trying to deter people from voting at all?
Do you have any idea how unfriendly it is to tell them you have to log into to vote -and- not the app itself while they're on an individual app's main page that has its own login page? Yeah, read that again.

Well heck, to quote some feedback, "I'd vote for the app if I knew how to vote."

What were you thinking?

And for the record, the star thing is snazzy, cute and all... but you know people are going to start asking, "Did my vote count?" when the stars just stay there after they've clicked it.

The expectancy for something -anything- to happen once those stars go through the click process is EXPECTEDLY high. It's addictive really, the little prompt that decides the queasy fate of your (un)certainty.

And you deny us voters the satisfaction of unquestionable confirmation! So cruel. So very, very cruel.

What can I say? I'm insecure that way...

And now for a shameless plug: vote for Redux today! <3


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Safari croaks

Friday, August 17, 2007

How I hate thee for looking screwy without any legit reason whatsoever on the ONE computer I need the site to NOT look screwy in. Of course it doesn't help matters that it looks perfectly fine on the other machines I've tested the site on.

Excuse me while I go bump into small furry animals on the road in order to preserve the not-really-functional working conditions of my laptop.


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Written abuse; more for us

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm at the SitePoint forums, browsing... and I come across this post looking for a CSS/XHTML coder:

Requirements are pretty standard but most probably not for the newbies (2 years experience in CSS2 and XHTML, understanding of SiFR, JScript and DHTML and an 8 hour turnover time "a plus").

I scroll down to the bottom and the salary or project budget is listed as... a whooping $30-$50 a page -_-


What on earth?

I click on the company's site,

and WOW, their base pricing is FROM $150/page (mind you, there are hidden costs if you want the page to be "cross-browser compatible" as well) and they're paying the developers only $30-$50 a page?

$30-$50 per page for someone with two years of experience or more. Right.

Grats on exploiting? :(

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Written abuse

It's that time (before the time) of the month where I bask in the glory of reckless indulgence... particularly those of the edible nature. Of course, I might and probably will end up whining about it two weeks later after all the guilt and lard have permanently set in.

I've also realized that the quality of my writing pretty much crumples into a heap of rubbish when I attempt to compose my thoughts and deliver them in a proper and legible manner.

That just makes me a god-awful writer.

But still a decent CSS developer... I think ;)

Speaking of which, what is it with people who think they can get away with paying their contractors with literally peanuts? Or the shady ones who keep adding stuff to do thinking it's some God-given right of theirs to step over the boundaries of the initial contract (verbal, written, whatever tickles your trust)? Now, I have some really wonderful clients but sometimes there's that one or two who unleashes the serial killer in you.

For example:

This bloody monkey makes a list of things (X) that I have to fix and agrees to pay me a certain amount (Y). I write him back to clarify and confirm. When he replies, it's (X + Z) fixes. Already a little ticked off, I still email to verify the stuff that needs to be done -again- and he emails me back with an even bigger list (think X + Z + [ Int{1+3*x}, x=A..Z ]). So from 19 fixes to 49 (F-O-U-R-T-Y-N-I-N-E)... and some of them are full-blown pages.

What the hell? It's obvious that you're already an inconsiderate, unreasonable, disrespectful, exploiting asshole but are you stupid as well to blatantly add on (and what a big addition) what was not previously stated and still expect it to be done at the same price?
Getting a "bang for your buck" is one thing but over-exploiting?! Are you sick in the head?

Don't get me wrong but the one, two or three additions are usually no big deal... BUT THIRTY?

Of course, killing him off with invincible psychic powers or frying his ass with sunbeams bounced off a satellite ala James Bond right now would only be, unfortunately, a dream. Instead, I reply with a courteous albeit slightly sarcastic "Wow, that list grows longer every time... sorry, I can't take that project considering your budget isn't proportional to the time/work required."

In reality, my response would be, "You douchebag, this is daylight robbery. You don't want a front end developer, you want a mindless slave from the deepest, poorest nether regions of India. I hope your CSS rots and dies."

Do the world a favor and learn from the other good people in the world: embrace your inner virtues of being considerately reasonable and don't be an asshat.

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Cry me a river

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Currently, staying in the Klang Valley is the equivalent of a having a perpetual exhaust pipe shoved up your nostrils. On the up side, it's got a nice misty effect... except, it's not mist but dust you're breathing in that's killing you softly. Very soon, we'll all be trekking around our parks with gas masks on to keep us nice and healthy while we're exercising in a dust bowl.

In other news, I woke up this morning to the chitter chatter of my relatives, all huddled around my lappie and surfing the internet... on IE6. I spluttered and whimpered in my corner trying to explain why they should click on that spanking red icon called Firefox instead as silver dots danced across my vision.

I would take it off my bar, but unfortunately I still have to test stuff on IE6 and henceforth, there it will stay until a mass IE6 annihilation happens. I had previously told my dad not to use IE6 EVER on my PC... and even installed Firefox on his lappie. Needless to say, he now uses Firefox. Of course, I did mention IE6 has the potential to allow obscene amounts of spyware/virus into his computer that will eventually ruin his training program materials... ;)

And now, I'm sitting amidst my relatives... in the middle of an exciting conversation about household goods spoken in English, Cantonese and Hokkien all at once. It's amazing how I can understand them but will probably never ever speak as fluently as they can as they swiftly transition between dialects and topics of interest.

I know where my ADD comes from.

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Better late than never

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's been nearly a month since I wrote anything and as much as I would love to blame the v2.1 skin for the lack of my presence, I'm just going to cough it up and say that I've been partly lazy and mainly trapeezing between sonic speed coding and the severe lack of sleep normalcy.

Since I've had a few complaints that my blog doesn't have enough pictures, I designed a new skin with a big, FAT picture up top. Yes, it's pretty much a glaring in-your-face smug. And yes, it's pretty much a self-whoring picture. You can't please everyone, now can you?

Speaking of tardy, I've yet to post the PD pictures *gasps*. Instead of bitching about the hotel we stayed in that had piss poor food and service like I had intended to, I'm going to be nice and just post heavenly pictures the epitome of the good life from our one night escape to PD a week or so ago:

Beach happy!
Destination: bliss.

What's a trip to the beach without good food...

No time for the camera.

... a little gambling...

Gambling in the room
We really had no idea what to do.

... and then lazing by the night shore listening to the bubbly waves crash and mingle with the sand...

Lazing by the beach
Life is good.

... while drinking like there's no tomorrow?

Heineken representin'
Of course, life can be much better.

I can happily say all I did during this trip was either sleep, eat, play or laugh. I had fallen asleep on the beach the next morning while attempting to nab a sexy, bronze shade and this is what the rest of them were up to:

Mei's hair dye session
Mei's impromptu red-haired transformation. Ok, it wasn't *that* impromptu considering we lagged in Melaka debating over which color to buy.

I caught up with them soon enough as the bustled fastidiously around Mei:

Busy little bees
Busy little bees-Cina taking some time off to catch up with the news.

Soon after that, we left our sandy heaven and made our way back to our haze ridden homes in the valley... but of course, much happier (and a shade or two different) before we left :)

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Malaysia's all-time favored terrible design practices:

Having every bloody link open in a new window. WHY? Why, for the love of humanity do you do that?
Are you too lazy to make a decent index page link back? How practical is it to have every link on your page open a new window? Especially if it's to another page on your site? It's understandable if you've got stuff to print that would be great on a new page which you can just close after printing, but having everything on your main navigation bar open in a new window?

You're not designing your site for yourself. It's for your audience and their convenience.

Designing only for Internet Explorer. In the words of Mark, using IE is like taking it up the ass dry and unprotected. Your site in on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Does it say Malaysian Wide Web? No. So until Malaysia gets its own server/network/mad house to cater to a strictly IE-only audience, please try to think of the other people who MIGHT want to visit your site who don't use IE and god forbid, have Macs.

L2Design for usability.

Just today, I found another atrocity that is forever immortalized on the web: a whole BLINKING left navigation column. Mind you, the column isn't even small. My eyes dried out and rolled out of its sockets trying to read anything.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I love Malaysia, but I hate a minute fraction of the people in the service industry who have absolutely no sense of customer service.

To start things off: my dad's site domain expired, email server went crashing down, dad saw red and I took the flak. It's all good.

So in I go diving through emails, looking for the domain reseller and a little surprised that I didn't get a prior warning that the site domain was about to expire. From the previous host's long, lengthy email of information, I got hold of the reseller and hastily emailed them in hopes that the problem would be fixed as soon as possible if not immediately.

I get a speedy reply that says, "Our records show that we have (insert previous hosting company, abbreviated: PHC)'s PersonA on file. Kindly contact PersonA from PHC to renew this domain."

What the fuck.

See, PHC had said everything was transferred over but apparently, they had only transferred the hosting and completely forgot about the domain name; basically who the reseller had on file.

Me being me, I sent an angry email to the reseller asking if it's possible to migrate ownership because I have no intentions of dealing with PHC ever again so long as I am capable of breathing. Reseller says I have to inform PHC. WELL. Technically, everything should've been transferred. I email a nasty (as nasty as text carries tone) letter to PHC, with a carbon copy to the reseller stating that I no longer want to deal with them and it would be fantastic if PHC would forward all invoicing materials to the reseller so everything is actually under my dad's company's name AS AGREED BEFORE.
I know, if only on-screen text could fly and stab you right in the eyes. If only.

To my astonishment, this little prick of a rep from PHC had the cheek to write me back saying, "Please pay attention that the billing and administrative information has now been changed your own details. This means all emails and billing reminders for your domain will be sent to you so you can renew the domain by your own." Of course, this message was originally written in broken grammar and I just needed to tidy up because not every person understands Malaysian English.

Number one. Don't be an asshat. I have the same information and even though the administrative contact is to the company, the BILLING/Invoicing is still to the reseller. And we all know, from the third paragraph that the reseller has PHC on record. Therefore, I don't get the privy of getting any golden reminders that the domain is about to croak.

Number two. Don't be sarcastic with me when you know somewhere along the way, you messed up too. I can be an equally sarcastic bitch.

Number three. I do not like that man, nor do I like PHC. Why? Because, while revamping dad's site, I looked through their PHP (that sends participant registration details to the company's email) wanting to add new fields but instead, found that PHC included their OWN EMAIL alongside the company's.

To the people at PHC: was there some fine print that said you could collect your client's client's information while you had initially built that poor excuse for a website (which has now been retired, thank the heavens)? And... isn't that illegal? Shady too. And completely non-ethical. Shame on you!

PHC, rot in hell for giving the industry a bad name.

And I'd recommend sending your employees for training to comprehend what it means to be curteous and ethical.

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and until, finally...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Twenty-three! :)

Not really, mom mentioned I was born sometime in the evening.

Did I mention that CSS Opacity inherits (on a related note, EFFYOU inherits, DIAF) are almost as fun to meddle with as juggling semi-solid stinky balls of dung? No? Well, now you know.

Another year, another flower of bitterness :p

That is all.

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System: Error!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm pretty much braindead, more than the usual, tonight.
My left eye is twitching profusely, quite possibly from the lack of blinking earlier in the day.

Web host migrations are a pain in the ass, really.

Templates? Helpful, but alas, still not automated enough.

To top it off, some of the pages are in Malay.
I swore I heard the plastic of my mouse squeal when I found out I had to translate.

Speaking of monitors, I need another one.
Tabbing between Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Illustrator gets to you after awhile--like that itch you want to scratch but you know if you keep going gung-ho at it, you're only going to end up taking off a sizeable chunk of your skin. I've been thoroughly spoilt by the BNMC Lab <3

It doesn't help that my neighbour's kid is a spoilt little brat glorifying in the midst of his teenage angsty years. He stands at the bloody door and screams at his maid (who's too nice of a person to be babysitting those rascals if you ask me), sister and/or mommy in his semi-distorted nasal voice like he's about to blow their heads to bits... or something to that effect, to open the door for him. Every. Single. Time. When he's out, it's a double-edged sword really: relieved that he's no longer forcefully attempting to command the gates of his castle down or waiting to painfully puncture my eardrums for when he does come back so that I don't have to listen to his volatile tantrums?

For fuck's sake give the boy a key.

Did I also mention that his sister, without fail, cries every day? At a specific time too, somewhat close to dinner. How old is she? Old enough to play badminton, open the door and retaliate (if the planetary alignment is right) when her elder brother gets all too pissy.


I have songs from the Alice in Wonderland play (from back when I was in Coventry <3) whizzing through my head and I'm singing along to them like I sang to them yesterday in the choir. It's peculiar, nostalgic and to a point that it's warmly comforting.

If you're wondering, I was the small door in the play xD

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why: I was the only and shortest Asian kid amongst my tall, big-eyed, sharp-featured classmates. I'm squeezing what's left of my shriveled brain to see if I can remember their faces. Gemma, Becky, Simon, Paul, William, Anna, Michael... I'm sure I have a class photo somewhere xD I don't believe Simon was in my class O.o I just remember him having brilliant, fiery red hair. At that age of innocence and curiousity, it was a fascinating sight: liquid rubies dancing in firelight every time he stood by a window. Oh yeah, he played a tree/the Cheshire Cat in the play, that's probably why I remembered lol

I should just stop posting for the day before I completely derail my thoughts all the way down to the mental ward.

Oh yes, due to popular demand (AHAHAHAHAHA, such a fib said with grossly exaggerated grace) and because people are bitching/whining that I don't have any pictures of myself on my blog (ironic, isn't it?), here are some shots I took for my baby... which he promptly laughed himself into fits upon seeing them, mind you.

Sean. Taken before the big room cleaning session.

Sean 2 minutes later. Trying to be cute eh? EMO.

And that's about all the camera whoring I'll be doing this year.

Before I leave, here's a naughty, dirty little gift from Mark. She's so good it shames my writing back down to a plain, vanilla-flavored popsicle.

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.