The 47" Appeal

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

need to get a hdmi cable for my pc so I can hook it up to the tv :D

go sacrifice a cow!
or a na'vi

belladonna's asshole will be big enough to fit my whole head


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Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It only seemed like yesterday when I said goodbye, parted ways with 2008 and welcomed 2009 with open arms. In two days, I will finally be able to give 2009 the finger and peer cautiously into what 2010 might have to offer.

That being said, December has truly been the month for birthdays and festivities--

Ramin (aka Triple R) turned the big three oh:

Ramin turns 30!

Ramin tackles the cake with a pretend battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.
Triple R trying to pose with the cake. How cute is that! :D And this is him attempting to break the cake with a "pretend" battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.

Happy Birthday Ramin!

Yen, our group baby, turned 26:

Yen *finally* turns 26.

And on the same day, Sun and Puan broke the engagement news to us:

Puan, Sun and the proposal.
Puan, Sun and the proposal; congratulations! :D

And Adam turns 23 sometime at the end of the month... but we couldn't wait and surprised him anyway:

Adam and his brrsss.
Adam and his brrsss.

Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!
Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!

Adam and his brrsss, take two.
Adam and his brrsss, take two.

Dao, Khairi and Marcus.

Jibbs, Adam and Dian.

The infamous Joanna Pongz and Daryl :D

Ee Ling and Thokin.

The boys: Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).
We even had people from the office! Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).

Suff, his lovely wife (Yus) and Toby.

Hanim and Aizat. No, Aziat doesn't work with us.
Hanim and Aizat. No, Aizat doesn't work with us.

Adam, Shahmi, Nicole and Edwin.
I don't know how this pek yau look came about. Poor Nicole.

Big thanks and much love to everyone who turned up that day (especially Dian, whom we had to resort to begging, pleading and even dirty threats). Also, thank you to Nicole for some of the dinner pictures in this post! :D

KL Swing! had a pre-Christmas karaoke, packed with a Christmas edition of lollicakes:

Lollicakes: the Christmas edition

Loveliest lollicakes in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!
Aren't they just the loveliest things in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!

Karaoke was just as much fun as it was a revelation: we discovered Chris' inner black man and Adam's inner Korean pop diva.

We had so much turkey on Christmas Eve at Daryl's we had to work off some of the food via Rock Band:

Rock Band: Team Girls.
We soooo kicked ass.

And right after, Minn had her Hen's Night. Needless to say, all the pictures that were taken on that night are strictly barred from making an appearance on the interwebs. It's for the greater good.

And OMG. Vee is PREGNANT. So much for three years in the waiting, eh? ;)

Happy (early) New Years too all! :)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

After a continuous stream of tweets about toffee nut lattes and dark chocolate peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks and Coffee Bean respectively:

Jaymee says: (4:05:45 PM)
i wan starbucks

Jaymee says: (4:05:46 PM)

Jaymee says: (4:05:54 PM)
eh stop with ur daily peppermint la!

Jaymee says: (4:05:54 PM)

sean^2 is says: (4:06:43 PM)
that is coffee bean lol

Jaymee says: (4:08:21 PM)
yeah...cos i went starbucks they were lke..."nehh we dun have that here"

Jaymee says: (4:08:24 PM)
malu sial

Happy Holidays all! <3

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The blasphemous digital age

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I probably shouldn't even write this in the event I get dooce-d from my job. But I am thoroughly annoyed and all I can say is, REALLY??

I got the most asinine request ever at work today:
some dude (cough, speaker for some event of sorts) just complained about his (ugly) face on a website by saying how it's against his religion to have his face artistically cropped/stylized.
And by artistically I mean it's a little to the left, missing the left side of the hair because the picture was MEANT TO LOOK THAT WAY.

Now seriously, just because some hobo is stroking his epeen wanting his UGLY FACE on a website to be BIGGER--HOW is that grounds for "Oh, my religion requires it"? HOW?

Since WHEN did vanity become grounds for religious justification?

Furthermore, where in the fucking [insert book] does it say you will be punished by divine retribution should you only have three quarters of your face showing on a website?



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There is no spoon

Monday, October 26, 2009

Or in this case, there is no next/previous navigation on the site as @yoonkit has so eloquently suggested.

I'm working on it.

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What the fuck, it's October already!?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I turned a year older. So did Vee. And the September brats (in order of impending haggetry: Yoong, Cina and Chris).

The Brats turn 26!

Vee got married, oh my God. I hate you. Now I will be forever tormented by questions that would unapologetically violate my personal space and sound something like this on a broken tape recorder: "Oh, Vivien is the first to marry in your group! When is it your turn?"

Congratulations Vee and Ming!

The girls that had to hold back the mob of guys... not that there was any real holding back since it was Fullerton and the management demanded that we just let them in.

And the wedding party!

One bridesmaid got so drunk I was carrying her vomit in a useless plastic bag that was apparently used to carry a hedgehog before the dinner because it had more holes than my brain on a normal day.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith remixed

Emily got engaged. The shameless shrieking and hyperventilating that went on in Envy when she flashed us the ring was unimaginable.

Said goodbye to Ah Pei and Ah Pek who now join the ever-growing Proximity alumni ;)

Ah Pei and Ah Pek, before we went over to Damansara Heights to tani.

Raya came and went. I shacked up in Chiang Mai with the folks and PPA-ed my way through.

PPA-ing that would make a crack whore run away. I am an Asian female, after all.

I also got molested by elephants.

I really don't mean to look like I'm enjoying it... too much. Mom is apparently having more luck with the beast.
Eau de elephant! Mom apparently had more luck at feeding the beast.

Once I got home, I dragged the boys along with me to IKEA. I went bed sheet looking, they went table hunting (sort of).

Working even on their days off--what I call dedication.

Broke my both my legs and nearly peed my pants doing the Skytrex Extreme Challenge--but I beat Shawn up the second rope ladder, so all is good in the world!

Such a facepalm in the making!
Allen facepalm-ing at the idiot jokes Shawn and I are exchanging. The "Seans" representin'.

And finally, I apparently didn't play enough DotA because I'm still not any good at it. +1 to myself for being called a noob as our hopes were down and the other team tore through ours like vultures enjoying a Happy Meal.

I hate you, you AND you. But you, I like.

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Play by play

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What happens in a typical fight between someone's squishy priest and your run of the mill shield paladin:

Mark [ ... ] says:
dp and pain on him, woosh cleansed

Mark [ ... ] says:
run run run, scream

Mark [ ... ] says:

Mark [ ... ] says:
runs up and shields slams for 6k, does his holy thing for 4.5k

sean^2 is says:

sean^2 is says:
bye christy

Mark [ ... ] says:
screaming why this stun lasts for 6 sec

Mark [ ... ] says:
finally start to run

Mark [ ... ] says:
hammer of sit the fuck down

Mark [ ... ] says:

It's only so funny to the point of physical hurt because it's true. I still love you Christy <3

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just when I thought I grew out of it all--

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix!

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix!

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix (candlelight)!

I had the best joint pre-birthday surprise weekend ever with Jon :) With a pole/Mac cake too (the icing was super yummy)! They even got the color of my shorts right lol <3

Much love to everyone who showed up that night and the ones who hid it from me and had to live through a few days of frosty, hissy fits (it was for a completely different reason, I swear) :)

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Has not updated in yonks

Monday, June 29, 2009

Since I last updated, there was madness in the office, the Viva Vertical Polestars showcase and more transpolesition.
The office is also going on a field trip to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen tonight, woohoo! :)

Not so massive list of things to do include: include "Older Post" link per yoonkit's request or simply just migrate blog to Wordpress, write long paragraph of emo spewage (or if all else fails, copy/paste email sent to best friend three weeks ago).

Oh yeah. MJ died. RIP.

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Google Maps Malaysia Launch (pictures)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The official pictures are up!

And Yoon Kit called me a camwhore because of this picture:

The *ahem* kawaii camwhorer with @ditesh, @bytebot, @limyh, @yoonkit, @cerventus, @angch, @aizatto and @arzumy
The *ahem* "Kawaii" camwhorer with @ditesh, @bytebot, @limyh, @yoonkit, @cerventus, @angch, @aizatto and @arzumy

He said to look up! :p

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Over the week-end

Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I've discovered (and took a whack at) over the past week and some that I will probably end up repeating and never, ever learn from:

** IE is a whore and doesn't render display: table-cell; and vertical-align: bottom; at all. I've resorted to display: block; and hacking the padding AND it's causing my face to physically hurt.

** Safari ate up 15 pixels of my layout (maybe I'm just that terrible). I don't know where it has gone to but it's driving me up the wall that I have to hack it. Naturally, the hack doesn't validate so much that it grinds on my anal retentiveness and is about to cause the fattest blood vessel in my neck to rupture.

** Also, IE has a goddamn hard-on for height: 1%; as opposed to an actual height value and some asphyxiation fetish with the line-height property. WHY!? Go choke on some saran wrap...

** While the wMode option in sifr makes IE behave (somewhat); it still doesn't solve the non-stickiness of the drop down menu that you want sitting above the header when you so casually hover over the list. Why must you be special. Why.

** After yonks since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended, I'm still openly and unabashedly lusting after Spike. I swear, it's his platinum blondie hair. That and I won't lie about still wanting to f--uh, hug his undead brains out.

** The lighting in the MidValley food court does wonders for a little show and don't tell :) Pink is, after all, my favorite color :)

** I've mentioned this on Twitter before, but just because it made my glamorous readership of five burst out in hives laughing, I'll repeat--Adam on what I write on "she only writes about emo stuff, food, WoW and batshit emo stuff."

** I am so unforgivably terrible at DoTA I'm starting to wonder if WoW is an entirely different game altogether. My pride is in a deplorable state of tatters and sports a new gaping, bleeding hole after each game I have with Mark that ends with us being gibbed by the AIs. Pro-gaming, my ass.

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Office orgy

Friday, April 03, 2009

>start message to adam mw
>dear adam, on behalf of the mw creative team, we would like to know if you will
>be joining us for a tumble in middle valley today. please rsvp, ty!
>end message to adam mw

>start message from adam mw
>Dear mw team, i formally accept your invitation and currently on the way to the
>valley of legend. - The One
>end message from adam mw

It's really not as bad as it sounds.

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Psychadelic dreamin'

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farid's House of Entertainment presents, ninja Gilbert:

Ninja Gilbert!

Gilbert has never been so pimped out, ever <3

I have noticed the lack of verbal diarrhea in my recent posts (what a foggy brain does to you... and DotA, heh). Don't worry, it's a hiatus that's about to end but for now, another lazy, self-explanatory Facebook album:

Recently, VivaV invaded Schokolart. Nas has the better shots but her album isn't available to public! ;x

Fondue with Nas.
Fondue with Nas.

I also spent one long night at the hairstylist's coloring my hair. Here is my amazing (read: cam whoring) artsy fartsy attempt at showing off my newly purple hair to bebeh:

Psylocke purple wannabe... gotta love how iSight makes you 10x instantly more pleasing to the eye.
Psylocke purple wannabe... gotta love how iSight makes you 10x instantly more pleasing to the eye.

Oh, and happy birthday to Mooky and Zahir :)

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The Hello Kitty office edition

Friday, March 06, 2009

One fine, unsuspecting Friday afternoon...

Back from a meeting only to see--Gilbert and S&M Hello Kitty!
Back from a meeting only to see--Gilbert and S&M Hello Kitty!

... Hanim clawed her way through a crowd of giggly girls and that one random guy who stood there pretending to be all cool with a balloon tied to his fanny pack to get our own office S&M Hello Kitty.

S&M Hello Kitty had a great time getting to know people in the office :D

Oh, SEAJam 2009 was great (I know right, you'd think I could be a little more flashy with the adjectives). And I'm really looking forward to pole out at the chocolate fondue place in Solaris this Saturday ;)

I also now owe Hanim a pint of cherry garcia.

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Leap of faith

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How to kill time on a Monday afternoon:

Beginners' aerials with Dave!
Beginners' aerials with Dave!

It's so much harder than it looks >.> That and I have problems walking today LOL

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25 random things

Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, because I got tagged by Sarah and I'm at work way too early (only to find Gilbert in a state of horrific inversion), I'm going to go ahead and fill up this 25 Random Facts About Me note thing.

1. I can't smoke. Laugh if you must (the guys sure as hell did, all the way down State Street).

2. I hate leeches. For the love of God and everything holy and unholy, I *hate* leeches.

3. I didn't name my frog. One of my art directors, Werns, christened him Gilbert.

4. My heart still feels like it's going to thump out of my chest when I PvP in WOW.

5. Public speaking (and performing!) gives me the hives.

6. I loved tables at one point in my life and swore never to use that blasphemy called CSS. Fast forward a couple of years...

7. Following the same train of thought, I swore never to do engineering or anything chemistry related when I left high school. And what did I goto university for? Chemical Engineering.

8. I love to sleep. Oodles and oodles of love for sleep.

9. I'm a hopeless romantic and hate myself for it. Yay, me!

10. One day, I will find the nerve to bungee jump. I WILL.

11. The folks picked my "Sean" from the "Sean" the belonged to the Goddess of Mercy. Oh, the irony <3

12. I break electronic devices much too often for my liking. Shit just malfunctions!

13. Chances are, I can wreck your face with my priest 1v1. Bring it.

14. I would love to able to visit a place that screams snowstorm at least once every year.

15. I love everything about rain--so long as I'm indoors :P

16. I am horrible at forgiving. Only because I selectively remember stuff all too well.

17. I was supposed to climb Mt. Kinabalu last year before I turned 25. Failed.

18. I am a bad judge of character LOL Paulo swears by it.

19. Every office (my dining room doesn't count) that I've worked in so far feels like a meat freezer.

20. I put my hair up when I'm having a bad hair day.

21. My friends are like my extended family (although, my dad sometimes beg to differ, lol). <3

22. I am really emo at heart. Wrist cutting, dark poem writing emo.

23. I love hot showers. Steam rising, blister inducing, skin flayingly hot.

24. I bite my nails. I paint them to avoid biting them.

25. I came to work before 11am on the 27th this month even though it was "forbidden". Cough.

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Gilbert's Revenge

Monday, January 12, 2009

In sniping position
In sniping position

Don't mess with the frog. That is all.

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The first week of work and play

Our little pole performance group with all the VV divas and hunks at PWTC yesterday for the Youth 09 event:

Pole dancers, represent!
Pole dancers, represent!

Hugs to Miko, Nana, Kenny, Chunky Monkey, Mash, Trix, Raven, Emerald, Ophelia, Ms. Delicious, Emerald and Lola <3

My arms are so stiff now--yes, back on the pole and immediately inverting after a lazy, lazy one month break was not the greatest idea ever. It was also an interesting week for Gilbert. He made new friend(s):

Hello, turtle!
Hello, turtle!

And got shot at:

Uuuuuuuu :(
Uuuuuuuu :(

I found Gilbert stuffed in one of the cardboard document holders today (/cough a few words with you Adam!). Such is the life of an office plushie.

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Denizens of Awkward City

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Not even one week into 2009 and I'm emo blogging. To be fair, Awkward City was drawn up, engineered and brought to life with fairy dust (and some Lou Rawls) sometime last year. I would know, I'm the mother fucking city planner with a palace and a goddamn moat next to the mayoress' swanky pad.

I'm confused. What is it exactly you want from me? I don't want to be your friend and given circumstances, I can't ever be your friend. Granted I'm not as charitable as others but friendship involves trust and seeing that we both royally fucked it for each other, why bother?

We both know you're probably never going to give me what I want... which is just an answer, or two. For starters, sarcasm aside, what the bloody hell are you doing!? Yes, I'm a selfish bitch and it's all about me.

Once upon a time, things were different.

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Kancils '08

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Huzzah to BBDO/Proximity with the massive win at Kancils' this year! :D

Got my first team Lego brick this year with Claycam ;) Much love to everyone who worked on it especially Werns, Alf, Nora and Sid!! :D

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Death Knight Nekomati

Monday, November 17, 2008

First off, +1 to those who got the joke in my DK's name ;p I have to say, the first three levels being a death knight are by far the best levels in WoW I've ever played. You pillage, maim, steal and kill your way through the little town of Havenshire in order to learn the ropes of being a death knight. It's also a nice touch that you have the Lich King whispering little bouts of encouragement like "Finish it!" when you're stabbing some townsfolk and/or a member of the Scarlet Crusade in the face.

Yes, they took morality and clubbed you over the head with it. Poker stabbing humans for information? Check. Using your skeleton drake to chew on Scarlet Crusaders to replenish mana? Check. Hey, I even get 15k experience for using the Neural Needler (cough).

On the other hand, my paladin is getting ass raped by death knights running in packs of five in Hellfire. Seriously. I had this shit for brains blood elf death knight who tried to gank my paladin, only to be owned in return... THREE TIMES. Do you know how much time that bastard cost me!? Ok, I lost round four because a level 65 death knight rode by and helped him out (I was 62 then! :p). But I returned the favor in the fifth round and sat there after one swing watching Yonne's lock light him up.

She's never making it to 80 by the rate this is going T_T

Back to playing death grip volleyball with the lowbies.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

What they did during Talent Hub's 3rd anniversary dinner:

And no, I'm not really peddling the balloons. Really.

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Saturday night fever

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Retro night at Talent Hub's 1st Anniversary Dinner:

Retro fever!

Heaps of fun and fros with platforms and poles! ;)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

is my ret paladin. And the cause of my sleepless nights.
Even though very much under-geared with level 27 bracers on a 53 and cruising through the lands of Azeroth at an unforgiving average latency of 700ms, everything she touches is destroyed by holy light (hey, hey and I don't even have Divine Storm yet) in seconds.

All the godly power is... addictive.

So I sat there... nuking boars, Lost Ones, basilisks... the random orc or two... vultures... until there were NONE.

And shafted myself in the process since all I can think about now is to haul ass to 70 so I can nab my PVP gear :/

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It's not dead...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

... just super busy with work, pole and the giddy excitement of swing! Yes, swing is finally coming to town :)

Promise the pictures from Korea (together with many, many colorful commentaries) will be up this weekend :)

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Weekly shortcuts

Monday, September 22, 2008

Adam (don't remember the flippin' address! ;p) has an epic fail of a learning curve with Bluetooth connectivity. In his defense, my own curve took a sinusoidal dump when my mac spun its wheels of death looking for an "unfound Bluetooth PAN."

Later in the same day, I bumped into Fi who said I looked completely different and normal out of the studio. We sometimes pole in our knickers.

Got ambushed at Pebble's station while illegally delivering mushrooms from Fay's table. That highly confused and a bloody month too early for Halloween psycho chick with the guitar and feathery head gear isn't me. Really.

Serious discussion with TJ as to whether or not I've ever tossed a "flaming bag of poo" onto my neighbor's porch. Them crazy Brit kids... and I never knew a douche was a poo bag. I thought it meant shithead and/or something to flush your girly parts with.

I think the peanuts in the rojak at Batai are clearly spiked--makes for pro-as-fuck brainstorming sessions after lunch, no shens.

Helped Ed pick out a purse for his co-worker. Such a pretty Pucci package :) Down with the Ferragamo! The Bottega was nice too... cough. But after all the deliberation, he reverted and decided not to buy it.

Nas rocked the Hangback and we floored the Superman (by floored, I mean we started from the floor to get used to the pain lol):

The seriously-holding-some-shit-in-look: the Superman, sorta kinda
The seriously-holding-some-shit-in-look: the Superman, sorta kinda

For more pole action: Pole-artiy

Had couples therapy earlier for Aizat and Ditesh with Ditesh unleashing his inner female Gujarati. Wretched humor from the car all the way to A&W for drama between waffle bites... i.e. Ditesh with a shocking find and Raj offering penance:

Sleeping with your ---. Aha! I knew it, you fucker!
"I'm sleeping with your *******" "Aha! I knew it, you fucker!"

Feel free to download the image to add your own captioning :P

Although I find the occurrence of social/verbal retardation amongst certain people curiously, albeit perversely amusing (in a purely professional "you dumb fuck, that's an inkblot" manner of course), I am simply too tired to put up with it any longer. I am bowing out (read: STAY AWAY FROM ME). It has been fun sticking a bloody railroad spike through my forehead every other time but I've really got better things to do. I'm not your emotional crash dump outlet. Been there, done that and safe to say I'm not a better person because of that. Rest assured, I will invoice for the therapy sessions accordingly.

Please drown yourself in the aquarium on the way out, thank you. Thank you very much.

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Somo pole invasion

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lola! :D

Lola's Birthday

Tagging all 51 pictures on Facebork is hard work hehe Commentary includes (but not limited to) the adventures of hiding from Lola at the start, Adam and Jon getting smacked around by Lili and featuring the "Chug it!" chant :)

One big happy family!
One big happy family!

One big happy family!

The long island toast
The long island toast

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm down with a massive fever that comes cozily with achy breaky joints and the frequent drifting around sleeplessly with the uncanny sensation of a budding, explosive supernova in my head.

That and the only reason I'm writing is to complain about the banana I just had. Of all the accessible fruit in the kitchen, I had to eat this one NORMAL looking banana--that turned out to have a massively mutated seed.

I kid you not.

I would've snapped a photo, but the mushy leftover of what was the middle section of the banana AND THAT GOD FUGLY BLACK SEED wouldn't have made spectacular imagery. Plus I was too disgusted and was busy scrubbing the insides of my mouth out.

If I die before the day of the competition, it's because I've been infected with the alien variety of the banana and its banana-lings have exploded out of my stomach.

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Artsy fartsy Thursdays

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I'd probably look like manga-fied:


The eyes were easy to pick considering they literally disappear when I smile... that and my cheeks definitely need to be rounder.

And yes, I did shamelessly ninja some cleavage inside. Courtesy of FACE YOUR MANGA :)

***Ninja edit conversation with sis over msn:

"Doodie, does my profile pic look like a manga me? hehe"

"LOL With the retarded smile, yeah :p"


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Make way for Clay

Monday, August 04, 2008

Over the weekend I churned out quite a few hours building the front of Hotlink Rewards' ClayCam site. While I'm pretty nifty with CSS (which is unfortunately not reflected in this ancient build of a blog :p) I ran into a brick wall or two trying to get jQuery to NOT BREAK.

But after hours of thumping my head against the table, shit finally works! :p Yes, I'm now the queen of bludgeoning pretty little jQuery plug-ins to bend it to my wicked ways.

jQuery plug-ins that were modified, butchered and bastardized: ThickBox, UI Tabs

Here are some of my favourites before I go into the wall of text (tomorrow!) that was my weekend of screaming, testing, debugging, more screaming and more testing:

Pixelatedly squished images courtesy of yours truly's lazy ass. To see the clay pieces in all their glory, drop by the clay gallery--I'm running short on time here! :p

I'd tell everyone to get their own piece of clay but submission is closed for today (server got swamped and went down a couple of minutes :p)! But don't forget to request your on-demand clay piece tomorrow at Hotlink Rewards ClayCam :)

No CSS was harmed in the making of ClayCam. jQuery however...

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.