It's freaking March already?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Plenty of fun things happened in January and February. Naturally, I was way too lazy to blog it and resorted to tweeting and uploading the pictures onto Facebook instead. That being said, for the latest gossip (if you care at all), follow me on Twitter instead of waiting for my lazy behind to update anything here.

January had two weddings...

Wedding: Sean Minn and Eugene
Sean Minn and Eugene's wedding dinner.

Mei and Yoong getting hitched
Mei and Yoong FINALLY getting hitched ;)

After Mei and Yoong's wedding dinner.

Clowning around in the bridal suite
Clowning around in the bridal suite.

one trip to Bangkok (pictures from Chris' beautiful collection)...

The BFFs lol
BFFs, lol! :p

The BFFs again

and Mei's hen's night (pictures that have been sworn to secrecy) as well as a farewell to Motionworks.

In February I got a new job at Integricity and was in Tokyo, Japan for five fabulous days :D What a great start to 2010! ^^;

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Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It only seemed like yesterday when I said goodbye, parted ways with 2008 and welcomed 2009 with open arms. In two days, I will finally be able to give 2009 the finger and peer cautiously into what 2010 might have to offer.

That being said, December has truly been the month for birthdays and festivities--

Ramin (aka Triple R) turned the big three oh:

Ramin turns 30!

Ramin tackles the cake with a pretend battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.
Triple R trying to pose with the cake. How cute is that! :D And this is him attempting to break the cake with a "pretend" battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.

Happy Birthday Ramin!

Yen, our group baby, turned 26:

Yen *finally* turns 26.

And on the same day, Sun and Puan broke the engagement news to us:

Puan, Sun and the proposal.
Puan, Sun and the proposal; congratulations! :D

And Adam turns 23 sometime at the end of the month... but we couldn't wait and surprised him anyway:

Adam and his brrsss.
Adam and his brrsss.

Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!
Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!

Adam and his brrsss, take two.
Adam and his brrsss, take two.

Dao, Khairi and Marcus.

Jibbs, Adam and Dian.

The infamous Joanna Pongz and Daryl :D

Ee Ling and Thokin.

The boys: Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).
We even had people from the office! Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).

Suff, his lovely wife (Yus) and Toby.

Hanim and Aizat. No, Aziat doesn't work with us.
Hanim and Aizat. No, Aizat doesn't work with us.

Adam, Shahmi, Nicole and Edwin.
I don't know how this pek yau look came about. Poor Nicole.

Big thanks and much love to everyone who turned up that day (especially Dian, whom we had to resort to begging, pleading and even dirty threats). Also, thank you to Nicole for some of the dinner pictures in this post! :D

KL Swing! had a pre-Christmas karaoke, packed with a Christmas edition of lollicakes:

Lollicakes: the Christmas edition

Loveliest lollicakes in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!
Aren't they just the loveliest things in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!

Karaoke was just as much fun as it was a revelation: we discovered Chris' inner black man and Adam's inner Korean pop diva.

We had so much turkey on Christmas Eve at Daryl's we had to work off some of the food via Rock Band:

Rock Band: Team Girls.
We soooo kicked ass.

And right after, Minn had her Hen's Night. Needless to say, all the pictures that were taken on that night are strictly barred from making an appearance on the interwebs. It's for the greater good.

And OMG. Vee is PREGNANT. So much for three years in the waiting, eh? ;)

Happy (early) New Years too all! :)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

After a continuous stream of tweets about toffee nut lattes and dark chocolate peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks and Coffee Bean respectively:

Jaymee says: (4:05:45 PM)
i wan starbucks

Jaymee says: (4:05:46 PM)

Jaymee says: (4:05:54 PM)
eh stop with ur daily peppermint la!

Jaymee says: (4:05:54 PM)

sean^2 is says: (4:06:43 PM)
that is coffee bean lol

Jaymee says: (4:08:21 PM)
yeah...cos i went starbucks they were lke..."nehh we dun have that here"

Jaymee says: (4:08:24 PM)
malu sial

Happy Holidays all! <3

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What the fuck, it's October already!?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I turned a year older. So did Vee. And the September brats (in order of impending haggetry: Yoong, Cina and Chris).

The Brats turn 26!

Vee got married, oh my God. I hate you. Now I will be forever tormented by questions that would unapologetically violate my personal space and sound something like this on a broken tape recorder: "Oh, Vivien is the first to marry in your group! When is it your turn?"

Congratulations Vee and Ming!

The girls that had to hold back the mob of guys... not that there was any real holding back since it was Fullerton and the management demanded that we just let them in.

And the wedding party!

One bridesmaid got so drunk I was carrying her vomit in a useless plastic bag that was apparently used to carry a hedgehog before the dinner because it had more holes than my brain on a normal day.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith remixed

Emily got engaged. The shameless shrieking and hyperventilating that went on in Envy when she flashed us the ring was unimaginable.

Said goodbye to Ah Pei and Ah Pek who now join the ever-growing Proximity alumni ;)

Ah Pei and Ah Pek, before we went over to Damansara Heights to tani.

Raya came and went. I shacked up in Chiang Mai with the folks and PPA-ed my way through.

PPA-ing that would make a crack whore run away. I am an Asian female, after all.

I also got molested by elephants.

I really don't mean to look like I'm enjoying it... too much. Mom is apparently having more luck with the beast.
Eau de elephant! Mom apparently had more luck at feeding the beast.

Once I got home, I dragged the boys along with me to IKEA. I went bed sheet looking, they went table hunting (sort of).

Working even on their days off--what I call dedication.

Broke my both my legs and nearly peed my pants doing the Skytrex Extreme Challenge--but I beat Shawn up the second rope ladder, so all is good in the world!

Such a facepalm in the making!
Allen facepalm-ing at the idiot jokes Shawn and I are exchanging. The "Seans" representin'.

And finally, I apparently didn't play enough DotA because I'm still not any good at it. +1 to myself for being called a noob as our hopes were down and the other team tore through ours like vultures enjoying a Happy Meal.

I hate you, you AND you. But you, I like.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just when I thought I grew out of it all--

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix!

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix!

Happy Birthday Lita and Trix (candlelight)!

I had the best joint pre-birthday surprise weekend ever with Jon :) With a pole/Mac cake too (the icing was super yummy)! They even got the color of my shorts right lol <3

Much love to everyone who showed up that night and the ones who hid it from me and had to live through a few days of frosty, hissy fits (it was for a completely different reason, I swear) :)

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Google Maps Malaysia Launch (pictures)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The official pictures are up!

And Yoon Kit called me a camwhore because of this picture:

The *ahem* kawaii camwhorer with @ditesh, @bytebot, @limyh, @yoonkit, @cerventus, @angch, @aizatto and @arzumy
The *ahem* "Kawaii" camwhorer with @ditesh, @bytebot, @limyh, @yoonkit, @cerventus, @angch, @aizatto and @arzumy

He said to look up! :p

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Psychadelic dreamin'

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farid's House of Entertainment presents, ninja Gilbert:

Ninja Gilbert!

Gilbert has never been so pimped out, ever <3

I have noticed the lack of verbal diarrhea in my recent posts (what a foggy brain does to you... and DotA, heh). Don't worry, it's a hiatus that's about to end but for now, another lazy, self-explanatory Facebook album:

Recently, VivaV invaded Schokolart. Nas has the better shots but her album isn't available to public! ;x

Fondue with Nas.
Fondue with Nas.

I also spent one long night at the hairstylist's coloring my hair. Here is my amazing (read: cam whoring) artsy fartsy attempt at showing off my newly purple hair to bebeh:

Psylocke purple wannabe... gotta love how iSight makes you 10x instantly more pleasing to the eye.
Psylocke purple wannabe... gotta love how iSight makes you 10x instantly more pleasing to the eye.

Oh, and happy birthday to Mooky and Zahir :)

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Of red, gold and pole

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Shanghai Night theme pole out pictures are finally out! Much love to Lola :)

Ushering in the year of the ox with much red and gold.

Group shot in the midst of confusion.
Group shot in the midst of confusion.

The sexy ladies!
The sexy ladies!

And no, I've yet to recover from my frog leaping attempts in swing. I still have groany granny thighs that hate any sort of incline/decline in walking paths.

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25 random things

Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, because I got tagged by Sarah and I'm at work way too early (only to find Gilbert in a state of horrific inversion), I'm going to go ahead and fill up this 25 Random Facts About Me note thing.

1. I can't smoke. Laugh if you must (the guys sure as hell did, all the way down State Street).

2. I hate leeches. For the love of God and everything holy and unholy, I *hate* leeches.

3. I didn't name my frog. One of my art directors, Werns, christened him Gilbert.

4. My heart still feels like it's going to thump out of my chest when I PvP in WOW.

5. Public speaking (and performing!) gives me the hives.

6. I loved tables at one point in my life and swore never to use that blasphemy called CSS. Fast forward a couple of years...

7. Following the same train of thought, I swore never to do engineering or anything chemistry related when I left high school. And what did I goto university for? Chemical Engineering.

8. I love to sleep. Oodles and oodles of love for sleep.

9. I'm a hopeless romantic and hate myself for it. Yay, me!

10. One day, I will find the nerve to bungee jump. I WILL.

11. The folks picked my "Sean" from the "Sean" the belonged to the Goddess of Mercy. Oh, the irony <3

12. I break electronic devices much too often for my liking. Shit just malfunctions!

13. Chances are, I can wreck your face with my priest 1v1. Bring it.

14. I would love to able to visit a place that screams snowstorm at least once every year.

15. I love everything about rain--so long as I'm indoors :P

16. I am horrible at forgiving. Only because I selectively remember stuff all too well.

17. I was supposed to climb Mt. Kinabalu last year before I turned 25. Failed.

18. I am a bad judge of character LOL Paulo swears by it.

19. Every office (my dining room doesn't count) that I've worked in so far feels like a meat freezer.

20. I put my hair up when I'm having a bad hair day.

21. My friends are like my extended family (although, my dad sometimes beg to differ, lol). <3

22. I am really emo at heart. Wrist cutting, dark poem writing emo.

23. I love hot showers. Steam rising, blister inducing, skin flayingly hot.

24. I bite my nails. I paint them to avoid biting them.

25. I came to work before 11am on the 27th this month even though it was "forbidden". Cough.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

So much for finishing the second half of the other post on time! Before you talk to me about procrastination, I'll have you know it's one of those resolutions that I've made obscene amount of times over and over again and failed just as much to keep. Mind you, I've also been plagued with this ridiculous flu for the past week or so. Although, visiting the karaoke booth two days in a row with a sore throat wasn't the greatest idea ever. Hey, at least I got to be Barry White for a day after that, how cool was that?

Still, while 2008 wasn't the best, it certainly wasn't the worst either. I had good memorable moments with (in no particular order) Chicago, pole, Proximity, more pole, Korea, swing and last but not least Australia. 2008 was the year of dance! Hopefully it'll stay that way through 2009 :p

2009 kicked off with a blast--we had Leng drunk sky high into the land of scarred livers and embarrassing YouTube-able moments. We ab-salute you Leng! :) Also, bonus points to myself for not doing a merlion after a few shots of that smashing Ukrainian vodka Terry had brought. Nasty, nasty stuff. I can't imagine sitting in the distillery for it--I would've passed out from the fumes.

Here are the remaining pictures from 2008, namely shots from Hobart and the funky stuff up till New Year's Eve.

Happy 2009 everyone! :D

Graduation, Hobart

Given the weird circumstances I was in right before the trip to Australia, I thought living on-campus in Hobart with my sis in one of the residential apartments was quite the ironic trip back down university memory lane:

The view from where we were staying

The day before sis' big day, we headed off to Fish 349 to grab dinner.

Fish 349

It was quite a wait for the food but no matter, sis and I scanned the room for possible means to entertain ourselves while the folks sat about patiently. Lo and behold... they had color pencils and blank sheets to well, color.

Our kiasu spirits kicked in, and this was our subject of the day:

The unsuspecting fish
The unsuspecting fish

Our objective? To join the ranks of artists, who were quite possibly in the age range of oh... 3 to 9, up onto Fish 349's coveted wall of fame:

The wall of fame

After minutes of furious scribbling and minor trash talking (naturally, my fish is better) we have the sexy SEAN FISH...

Sean fish

and the IM FISH:

Im fish

And the two fishies together, just so I don't seem bias and such for peddling my own (heh heh):

Super fish combo!

My fish is way hotter.

Sis was supposed to go back in a week to check if they posted any of our fishes and had gleefully proclaimed hers to be on top. That and she threatened to torch the place if none of the fishes (or just mine) had made it to the board.

The big day finally arrives! "Pre-event" shots with the sis before she dons her gown and cam whores the whole campus:

Sis and I

Sis and I

Someone is soooo working the camera.
Someone is soooo working the camera.

Sis and I

What happens when we finally QC the pictures that we took.
What happens when we finally QC the pictures that we took.

And off to the campus we went! Here's a pic of sis with the folks in UTas' School of Pharmacy's tiny waiting hall:

Everyone looking as pleased as a punch!
Everyone looking as pleased as a punch!

Magic doors to the underground dungeon of a computer lab.
Magic doors to the underground dungeon of a computer lab.

With dad.
Sis with dad.

With mom.
Sis with mom.

Sex0ring the Confucius statue by the courtyard, lol.
Sex0ring the Confucius statue by the courtyard, lol.

I don't remember taking that many pictures when I graduated, so I'll cut it short and show you my favorite pic of sis on campus--here she is literally going "Hyuk! Screw you dispensing lab!" in front of the lab :p

Hyuk! Screw you dispensing lab!

No graduation ceremony pictures... everyone was moving way too fast for my camera to catch :p On the plus side, we went and drowned ourselves in cherries the next day:


And the folks posing with the camera with the bounty of cherries that we nabbed off the trees:

The folks and the cherries

The best cherries are in the trees with the most worms! We perfected the art of tilting those slightly-out-of-reach branches into grasp without disturbing any of the worms lest they start falling into my hair T_T

After that we headed drove around mindlessly sight-seeing (it's all mountains and the coast, I swear) and bumped into the Pancake Train:

The Pancake Train

Of course, it's not actually a train train!
Of course, it's not actually a train train!

Sis and I were piggies once again:

Sis with her scallop pancake dish. She ended up eating half of mine instead.
Sis with her scallop pancake dish. She ended up eating half of mine instead.

My super sexy combination of bacon, apple and a truckload of maple syrup. Needless to say, mine was much better, bwahaha.
My super sexy combination of bacon, apple and a truckload of maple syrup. Needless to say, mine was much better, bwahaha.

The last day (for dad and I anyway) in Hobart: we drove over to Salamanca in the morning and meandered through the morning market. No pictures because I was too busy shopping, sorry! :p

Christmas cookies, swing

It's Christmas! We baked cookies at Aizat's till the wee morning (and yes, bad photography because all images were taken using his cellphone):

So it begins--the Christmas cookie saga!
So it begins--the Christmas cookie saga!

We dressed up:

Shiny red!

Before we started the cookie sugar high!

And danced the night away:

The Christmas swing--Aizat, Dania and Ummi
The Christmas swing--Aizat, Dania and Ummi

Post Christmas and we were still baking (only because we were trying to finish up leftover ingredients before Aizat took off for Chile!). We had a killer brownie (aptly tagged "Sin" in the Facebook albums) and a resurrected apple lemon crumble:

The two chefs; third chef playing photographer.
The two chefs; third "chef" playing photographer.

As for the NYE pictures... well, let's just say whatever happened in Darby Park, stays in Darby Park! <3 to the extended family :)

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.