It's freaking March already?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Plenty of fun things happened in January and February. Naturally, I was way too lazy to blog it and resorted to tweeting and uploading the pictures onto Facebook instead. That being said, for the latest gossip (if you care at all), follow me on Twitter instead of waiting for my lazy behind to update anything here.

January had two weddings...

Wedding: Sean Minn and Eugene
Sean Minn and Eugene's wedding dinner.

Mei and Yoong getting hitched
Mei and Yoong FINALLY getting hitched ;)

After Mei and Yoong's wedding dinner.

Clowning around in the bridal suite
Clowning around in the bridal suite.

one trip to Bangkok (pictures from Chris' beautiful collection)...

The BFFs lol
BFFs, lol! :p

The BFFs again

and Mei's hen's night (pictures that have been sworn to secrecy) as well as a farewell to Motionworks.

In February I got a new job at Integricity and was in Tokyo, Japan for five fabulous days :D What a great start to 2010! ^^;

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