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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I probably shouldn't even write this in the event I get dooce-d from my job. But I am thoroughly annoyed and all I can say is, REALLY??

I got the most asinine request ever at work today:
some dude (cough, speaker for some event of sorts) just complained about his (ugly) face on a website by saying how it's against his religion to have his face artistically cropped/stylized.
And by artistically I mean it's a little to the left, missing the left side of the hair because the picture was MEANT TO LOOK THAT WAY.

Now seriously, just because some hobo is stroking his epeen wanting his UGLY FACE on a website to be BIGGER--HOW is that grounds for "Oh, my religion requires it"? HOW?

Since WHEN did vanity become grounds for religious justification?

Furthermore, where in the fucking [insert book] does it say you will be punished by divine retribution should you only have three quarters of your face showing on a website?



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