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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What happens in a typical fight between someone's squishy priest and your run of the mill shield paladin:

Mark [ ... ] says:
dp and pain on him, woosh cleansed

Mark [ ... ] says:
run run run, scream

Mark [ ... ] says:

Mark [ ... ] says:
runs up and shields slams for 6k, does his holy thing for 4.5k

sean^2 is says:

sean^2 is says:
bye christy

Mark [ ... ] says:
screaming why this stun lasts for 6 sec

Mark [ ... ] says:
finally start to run

Mark [ ... ] says:
hammer of sit the fuck down

Mark [ ... ] says:

It's only so funny to the point of physical hurt because it's true. I still love you Christy <3

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