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Friday, March 06, 2009

One fine, unsuspecting Friday afternoon...

Back from a meeting only to see--Gilbert and S&M Hello Kitty!
Back from a meeting only to see--Gilbert and S&M Hello Kitty!

... Hanim clawed her way through a crowd of giggly girls and that one random guy who stood there pretending to be all cool with a balloon tied to his fanny pack to get our own office S&M Hello Kitty.

S&M Hello Kitty had a great time getting to know people in the office :D

Oh, SEAJam 2009 was great (I know right, you'd think I could be a little more flashy with the adjectives). And I'm really looking forward to pole out at the chocolate fondue place in Solaris this Saturday ;)

I also now owe Hanim a pint of cherry garcia.

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