The first week of work and play

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our little pole performance group with all the VV divas and hunks at PWTC yesterday for the Youth 09 event:

Pole dancers, represent!
Pole dancers, represent!

Hugs to Miko, Nana, Kenny, Chunky Monkey, Mash, Trix, Raven, Emerald, Ophelia, Ms. Delicious, Emerald and Lola <3

My arms are so stiff now--yes, back on the pole and immediately inverting after a lazy, lazy one month break was not the greatest idea ever. It was also an interesting week for Gilbert. He made new friend(s):

Hello, turtle!
Hello, turtle!

And got shot at:

Uuuuuuuu :(
Uuuuuuuu :(

I found Gilbert stuffed in one of the cardboard document holders today (/cough a few words with you Adam!). Such is the life of an office plushie.

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