Not knowing where it spun out of control

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bumping into someone from the past whom you've not met for yonks can sway either way: surprisingly pleasant or just plain catastrophic. I mean, if someone was important enough to you, you probably wouldn't be completely out of contact the first place, yes? Unless of course, something... remarkably unsavory took place.

Until today, I can't really pinpoint when the switch flipped and caused the mangled mess that was my relationship from the last half of 2005 to early 2007. But then again, with relationships it's always almost the usual suspects: someone got detached, someone tried holding on, someone didn't bother trying, someone found someone else, someone didn't care, someone started caring, massive chaos ensued, the world imploded and everyone walked away angry, uncertain and broken from the half truths, betrayal and the lingering doubt that perhaps everything they had was merely a convenience then.

I will never know.


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