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Monday, September 22, 2008

Adam (don't remember the flippin' address! ;p) has an epic fail of a learning curve with Bluetooth connectivity. In his defense, my own curve took a sinusoidal dump when my mac spun its wheels of death looking for an "unfound Bluetooth PAN."

Later in the same day, I bumped into Fi who said I looked completely different and normal out of the studio. We sometimes pole in our knickers.

Got ambushed at Pebble's station while illegally delivering mushrooms from Fay's table. That highly confused and a bloody month too early for Halloween psycho chick with the guitar and feathery head gear isn't me. Really.

Serious discussion with TJ as to whether or not I've ever tossed a "flaming bag of poo" onto my neighbor's porch. Them crazy Brit kids... and I never knew a douche was a poo bag. I thought it meant shithead and/or something to flush your girly parts with.

I think the peanuts in the rojak at Batai are clearly spiked--makes for pro-as-fuck brainstorming sessions after lunch, no shens.

Helped Ed pick out a purse for his co-worker. Such a pretty Pucci package :) Down with the Ferragamo! The Bottega was nice too... cough. But after all the deliberation, he reverted and decided not to buy it.

Nas rocked the Hangback and we floored the Superman (by floored, I mean we started from the floor to get used to the pain lol):

The seriously-holding-some-shit-in-look: the Superman, sorta kinda
The seriously-holding-some-shit-in-look: the Superman, sorta kinda

For more pole action: Pole-artiy

Had couples therapy earlier for Aizat and Ditesh with Ditesh unleashing his inner female Gujarati. Wretched humor from the car all the way to A&W for drama between waffle bites... i.e. Ditesh with a shocking find and Raj offering penance:

Sleeping with your ---. Aha! I knew it, you fucker!
"I'm sleeping with your *******" "Aha! I knew it, you fucker!"

Feel free to download the image to add your own captioning :P

Although I find the occurrence of social/verbal retardation amongst certain people curiously, albeit perversely amusing (in a purely professional "you dumb fuck, that's an inkblot" manner of course), I am simply too tired to put up with it any longer. I am bowing out (read: STAY AWAY FROM ME). It has been fun sticking a bloody railroad spike through my forehead every other time but I've really got better things to do. I'm not your emotional crash dump outlet. Been there, done that and safe to say I'm not a better person because of that. Rest assured, I will invoice for the therapy sessions accordingly.

Please drown yourself in the aquarium on the way out, thank you. Thank you very much.

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Anonymous Anonymous

Raj: "Oh sorri, I accidentally your girlfriend, haf some waffles instead ..."

Ditesh: "Tumhaare ghar mein kyaa maa, behen nahi hai?"

Raj: "Maa, behen to hai; lekin biwi nahi hai!"

Ditesh: "Abbe maaro saale ko!!"
September 22, 2008 12:49 PM  
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