Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm down with a massive fever that comes cozily with achy breaky joints and the frequent drifting around sleeplessly with the uncanny sensation of a budding, explosive supernova in my head.

That and the only reason I'm writing is to complain about the banana I just had. Of all the accessible fruit in the kitchen, I had to eat this one NORMAL looking banana--that turned out to have a massively mutated seed.

I kid you not.

I would've snapped a photo, but the mushy leftover of what was the middle section of the banana AND THAT GOD FUGLY BLACK SEED wouldn't have made spectacular imagery. Plus I was too disgusted and was busy scrubbing the insides of my mouth out.

If I die before the day of the competition, it's because I've been infected with the alien variety of the banana and its banana-lings have exploded out of my stomach.

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