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Monday, August 04, 2008

Over the weekend I churned out quite a few hours building the front of Hotlink Rewards' ClayCam site. While I'm pretty nifty with CSS (which is unfortunately not reflected in this ancient build of a blog :p) I ran into a brick wall or two trying to get jQuery to NOT BREAK.

But after hours of thumping my head against the table, shit finally works! :p Yes, I'm now the queen of bludgeoning pretty little jQuery plug-ins to bend it to my wicked ways.

jQuery plug-ins that were modified, butchered and bastardized: ThickBox, UI Tabs

Here are some of my favourites before I go into the wall of text (tomorrow!) that was my weekend of screaming, testing, debugging, more screaming and more testing:

Pixelatedly squished images courtesy of yours truly's lazy ass. To see the clay pieces in all their glory, drop by the clay gallery--I'm running short on time here! :p

I'd tell everyone to get their own piece of clay but submission is closed for today (server got swamped and went down a couple of minutes :p)! But don't forget to request your on-demand clay piece tomorrow at Hotlink Rewards ClayCam :)

No CSS was harmed in the making of ClayCam. jQuery however...

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