Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And yes, that title is me attempting to be hip with Rails. That and reading Why's book has left me in a sordid state of bat shit mental confusion.

I am quite amazed (by amazed I really mean creeped out) at how freakishly animated I get when I talk about my mage/priest/druid. I spent one hour talking to KS about how overpowered his rogue is ahem, should he come back to play that is, and that I run off screaming like a little girl when I see one on my mage. It's sickening how I am able to moan about how overpowered the twin blades of Illidan are when I've yet to actually set foot into Black Temple.
The only time I actually see them is when I'm in the arenas getting a new one torn by Undead Rogue #8712347 who just HAPPENS to be in full tier 6 gear and just HAPPENS to be in the lowbie bracket.

I'm not crying. I'm not crying.

Excuse me while I go beat on every stun spell/talent/proc with a splintered bat before setting it on fire.

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