One way conversations

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I talk to myself heaps, be it staring at the wall before I pass out to sleep (which usually doesn't take long) or the anxious wait for a phone call that shouldn't and never will happen.

Strangely, one way conversations do happen between two people... but I'd imagine it's somewhat a "semi" one way conversation considering the both of you are involved, yes?

For example: you're drumming your fingers against the keyboard staring at the person's chat window wondering if you should say anything. Of course, as you're wondering, you're also talking to yourself weighing out the worth of nanosecond euphoria versus the slow, agonizing pain that you know will span over the next few days should you even begin a conversation.

And you know the other person is probably fussing over the exact same predicament because the both of you still leave little thoughts lying around out in the open, knowing the other person will be reading or at the very least catch a glimpse of it.

Tsk tsk, stalemate.

Oh, why do we torture ourselves so?

Happy Halloween to all :) Today is when obscenely huge amounts of candy is acceptable... so remember to eat your candy/chocolate today! ^^;


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