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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

As requested by him ^^; NOT written by me (obviously), inspired by us, posted with love and shared for everyone to see <3

Okay, so I did do the spell/grammar check >.< And paragraphing (cause he's so effing BAD with that)... but that's it :)


The world is different; you drive a little faster and feel invigorated. You walk outside and the air is crisper. You see the world in a different way because it has been sprinkled with spice. She is the spice that's peppering my world.

There is no more me and there is no her, only us.

Nothing I do is without her; she is always there in my thoughts. I watch a movie, she is there holding my hand... I stop at a crossroad she is there walking... taking my breath away. I hear a song and she is there humming along beside me. I laugh out loud and she laughs with me.

She made me sing, did you know that?

Yes, I sang to her. She sang to me and we sang together. The shattering of windows and champagne glasses were never heard as we were not in that moment; we were in a different place.... we were together. We were not a million miles apart neither were we not next to each other. We were inside each others heart and soul, giving ourselves to each other and wanting the other to take us whole.

Some may call us fools and mad to be so deeply and utterly in love with each other. If being a mad fool is what it takes to reach this point, then I am and I will run with it. She will run with me as fast as we can with our eyes closed and the wind in our faces, her hand in mine and mine in hers.

She has run before. Alas, I never have... but has she run this fast? Is this new to her as it is to me? I hope so, and if not? This time she will not stumble nor stop for I will carry her and keep on running because without her there is no me.

Only us.


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