Then the morning comes

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday mornings are great.

It has replaced my lazy Thursdays simply because I will inevitably end up doing things that I really shouldn't be doing a lot at all (*cough*WoW*cough*sleep*cough*) :)

To make things even more irresistibly lazy, the monsoon season has kicked in. Rain, rain, blissful rain every mid-afternoon straight into dewy evenings lit by pastel shades of dawn peeking through the dissipating clouds.

Yup, and don't even get me started on work--the rain has this strange effect on me and literally puts a hole in my head where my brain is supposed to be -_- Needless to say, my wastepaper basket is filling up with discarded designs.

And yay! My new 2v2 doesn't suck albeit the horrible name I picked for it! :P
Well, it's not horrible horrible just... yeah, you'd think with the amount of semi-creative bullshit I regurgitate from time to time I would've come up with something better than "chocolate chip cookies" haha

But chocolate chip cookies are awesome <3
WTB milk :)

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