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Monday, July 24, 2006

It's another sunrise I will never wake up to and one more sunset I'll see while stuck in the LDP traffic jam before I magnanimously face a new age cycle. Exciting, isn't it?

Turning 23 isn't as exciting as it was turning 18 or 21... but it's all in the mind, really; what was once a procession of musical magic and effervescent fireworks has become the imaginary tinkle that accompanies the clock which makes a rotten, breaking creak of a tick every once a year.

What did I do as a 22 year old?

Come to think of it, anything past 21 feels like flat, chunky, overcooked creme brulée (or room temperature char kuay teow for the uninspired).

Some would scoff and say that turning 23 is nothing, nothing at all. Just another year that whizzes by until you hit the big THREE ZERO. God forbid I'd still be lamenting like I currently am when I hit 30. Heck, the only thing I want to be complaining about when I hit 30 would be random bits of fluff like... my relatives not staying off my ass because they're prying for a niece, nephew or two (how much more Asian can you get)? Only because I'm too busy galivanting around doing something else with my life. Yes, I have such extravagant hopes.

But I digress. What did I do as a 22 year old?

I met Mo. LOL. <3 Good times ^^; I got addicted to WoW. Although, I still think I never really got past the whole addiction thing. I mean, if I don't have it, I'll live... but if you thrust an activated account under my nose, I'm all over it like a dying swimmer on a life raft.

I met a fantastic bunch of people online (you non-believers have to just suck it up and skip the next two paragraphs if need be). Much, much love to Christy and Mark for keeping me sane through most of my e-drama period. And just incase people are going to start pelting dirty soap at me for skipping their names, I'm just going to give a big hug and much love to (not in any specific order!): Randi, Josh, Scott, Alex, Nico, Nate and Geneen (hope your baby is okay!), Dave, Dabby and everyone else in ex-Prophecy on Illidan. I am such a nerd, it's unbelievable.

On a side note, not everything is a field of rainbows and an unlimited supply of strawberry cotton candy flosses. I know, I know. It's the internet. But I'd just like to point out I also the met the biggest (and I mean HUGE) Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde ego persona ever, Calis. He could be your best friend (and then some) but could also at a blink of an eye and a shatter of an ego, morph into the biggest bridge-burning-asswipe known to the solar system.

I'd suppose in retort he'd call me the vile, deceitful (insert colorful expletives here) Asian bitch, eh?

But ah, memories. It's always nice to have a flicker of those that mattered the most while in its time and place.

Moving along. Well, speaking of moving, I came home.

After four long years, I -finally- made my way home to Malaysia. Besides the weather, hellish traffic coordination and the fact that people don't smile enough here (we all can't be loonies now can we?) I suppose I didn't have a hard time adjusting back.

Oh yes, I became a pseudo interior designer and power drill waving D.I.Y. fanatic. It was a rather powerful and manly sensation, waving that power drill about. And I have to say, I'm damn good with the drill ;) Don't ask for room pictures, I'm working on it :P

And finally, who could forget: I started this blog. For my fantastic, dedicated readership of five ;)

Is there anything I regret this past year? Could do with less drama and stress factors but other than that, I don't regret a single thing. I wouldn't be this little sarcastic, potty mouthed, Asian feline from hell if I did :)

And did I mention? I fell in love this year.

But it happens every year... over and over again, with my mago :)

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