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Monday, June 05, 2006


Away from the busy streets of modern city civilization, past the murky retention pools off the side of dangerously small muddy roads and into a small spot in the jungle untouched by mobile phone reception lies a small jungle retreat by the name of Sekeping Serendah. This past weekend, we (Keong, Eric, Joo, Cina, Pau and I) decided to whisk ourselves to this serenely (how serene you'll find out later :P) quaint jungle retreat.

We actually got lost on the way there.

Completely missed the little dirt turning to the left and headed all the way to the waterfall area where, and I kid you not, the bloody engineer/architect who constructed the parking area had his head up his ass and was smoking too much weed when he decided to map everything out. Who the their sane, logical mind would make dead ended parking lots with lanes the width of my pinky fingers?? It's like driving into a skinny fork.

After maneuvering out of that mess, we made it to our little retreat which was blocked off by a fancy gateway (obviously, this was taken when I got out of Eric's car after we got into the compound):


We all happily unloaded:

The girls unloading
The girls unloading.

The boy
The single boy.

And this is how rugged we were:

Joo and roller bag
Joo carting Cina's bag of goodies up the walkway.

We trekked through the rather short walk:

Bridge to the glass house

To finally arrive at the fabled "glass" house:

THE glass house
Pretty isn't it?

Pau and I went trigger happy with our cameras trying to capture the glass-wood-and-zinc house in every angle possible. We snagged a few sexy models to boot too ;)

Hammock and the kitchen
Lazy hammock and mini kitchen.

Living room
Living room and deck view.

Keeping cool
Keeping cool with IKEA products.

The most spectacular area of the house; the open-air shower:

Taking a bath with nature.

Stairs to the top floor.

Joo and Pau on the bed. Needs more scandal imo ;)

Bedroom again
Cina on the log.

Shutters at the top of the stairs.

Remember the open-air shower? This is how open-aired it is; behold the view from the bedroom patio:

Shower; top view

Theoretically speaking, this trip is supposed to be some sort of a jungle retreat--escapism from the conveniences of modern life. Yeah, a jungle retreat with a microwave, electricity and plumbing. Doesn't get any better than that amirite ;) Of course, being the piggies we are, we had decided to stock up on food for our overnight stay:


After unpacking, we decided to chill out:

Chilling out
Chilling out.

Cina and her iPod
Our DJ for the stay.

It was so peaceful it wasn't long before Eric succumbed to the wispy lull of Mother Nature's embrace... and decided to let the hammock embrace him as well:

Eric and the hammock

While Eric fell into a deep slumber, the girls decided to go for a dip in the pool:


Pool; close-up

They had creatively funky looking chairs which I'd imagine would be as comfortable as sitting on a waffle iron on an extremely hot day:

Mesh inspired chair
Mesh inspired chair.

And no, there are no bikini shots you perverts ;) Today's blog theme is jungle serenity, stay with me here.


After a nice refreshing dip with female gossip, friendly catching-up amidst Cina's diving bombs and an ice cold shower in our beloved open-air bathroom which had a "heater" switch just apparently for shits and giggles and had moot functionality, it was time for dinner!


Yum :)

Looks fabulous, yes?

But really, what bbq would be complete without rain? :/

Dinner and rain
Keong trying to salvage the fire.

Despite Keong's attempts at trying to keep the rain off our food, we had to shift indoors. Not to mention, We did run about like chickens with their heads cut off closing doors and shutters, good times <3 Cina meandered out a couple of times to try to cook a few chicken wings over the dying embers before the sky decided to take a huge piss over her. I just have this to say: Hallelujah for the microwave! Or we'd all starve to death :P

We made smores too! We didn't have Graham crackers or Hershey's chocolate so we made do with Jacob's breakfast crackers and Cadbury's ;) Once again, bless the microwave.

Our water supply got hacked off too when it started raining. When it did come back on, it was still ice cold (if not freezing) as Eric had found out. He now holds the world record for jumping in and out of the shower in the shortest amount of time (in order to avoid any unnecessary ah, shrinkage of parts ;p).


By the time the rain had subsided and when we had our fill, it was night time. Plunged into a sensation of otherworldliness, we watched as the glass house, basked in golden light that bounced off the glass doors, came to life illuminating our little spot in the jungle with a warm, fuzzy light.

Cam-whoring the house up a notch; indoor shots:

Night time hammock

Cozy living room

Outdoor shots (if you can't see anything, it's Eric's fault because he took the shots :P):

Outdoor shot

Joo and Sean
Joo, Sean and something fascinating on the ground.

Outdoor shot

The atmosphere was spellbindingly tranquil everyone was falling asleep by 8pm. Cina busted out the candles so we had something to do:

Candles on the deck.

Wasn't long until the unruffled jungle comfort stole over us again and we decided to shift a mattress out to lay under the stars in the midst of candlelight flickers (the real, less imaginative reason was that the metal piece we were sitting on were making little tic-tac-toe square imprints on our thighs and asses):

Takin' it easy.

We had extensive conversations ranging from work, ladies and gents, how small the world was, deep sea diving, people we knew/know and to my obscene usage of acronyms. At one point, our conversation regarding the people we knew/know, led to the conclusion that since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until they speak ;)

El Oh El <3

Ssshh, it's our little secret!

Very soon, sleepiness drifted over and around us (minus Keong who was already fast asleep on the floor :P) forcing us to call it a night. Did I mention that peeing in the middle of the night in the open-air bathroom was really, really frightfully disconcerting?


We woke up in the morning to the delicately sweet sound of ruffled leaves and the invigorating smell of fresh rain. Well, yeah I'm sure the burning charcoals (indicating that there's food around) was a plus factor too.

We had our version of toast:

Morning breakfast

Zooming in, the remnants of yesterday night's activities are quite visible. We decided to roast everything we could get our hands on--peanut shells, peanuts, a banana and rice crackers. I'm sure it added some flavor to our bread xD

Roasted everything!

Since we had so much fun doing that, we decided to roast a banana and melt some chocolate (and Cheezels, but that was later on):

More roasting

Tasty albeit slightly unrefined presentation wise, we present chocolate bananas for breakfast:

Chocolate banana

Soon, it was time to pack up and leave :/
Here are some morning shots of the place and the happy people:

Let the morning light through
Let the morning light through!

Our pile of rubbish
Pile of rubbish cameo.

Patio view

Doing the dishes
Keong and Eric washing up.

We did take some group pictures but they're all housed in Pau's camera. So I'll add those in later ;D

At the moment, my head's swaying from side to side from OD-ing on Panadol (fever, sore throat, the works... yeah) and I don't think I can muster up anything else to say that won't come out sounding retarded and illogical :P

It was a fantastic weekend and I'm sure we'll go back ;) September kids' birthday rendezvous, yes? <3

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Anonymous Mark
Oh my, Joo is hotness
June 05, 2006 9:10 PM  
Anonymous Christinaaaaa
lol leave it to mark :D.
That glass house is the awesome though :) and the lighting during nighttime...zomg i want in on it :D
June 07, 2006 1:37 PM  
Anonymous Christinaaaaa
btw even though joo is hawt id still do sean.....
omg mt!
June 07, 2006 1:40 PM  
Anonymous mark
The lighting is wonderful, but there are enough hours in a day for Joo and Sean.

*licks sean and joo*
June 15, 2006 1:00 AM  
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