The Room Chronicles (1): Down memory lane

Saturday, June 03, 2006

(Incoming long ass, picture whoring post :))

As I'm typing this post, my fingers still STINK of garlic from marinading the chicken for our trip to the glass house tomorrow. I even used a whole lemon to scrub my hands to the point of prunesville and they are still glorified in the stench of garlic.

Absolutely fabulous.

Before my excellent night spent at the kitchen sink molesting a few chicken wings or so, I had finally gotten round to starting the second step of my room project: moving out and clearing the pile of ancient artifacts buried deep within the shelves of my room. At 1:30pm, this is how my room looked like (and how it's looked like since I was 12):

Before the storm
My room, authenticly dirty since 1995.

From another view
A different angle.

My secret stash
My secret stash.

My dad mentioned once that I shame the entire female population of the world by being such a messy little brat. I disagree, I call my mess an artistic tempermant. But yeah, I'm lazy as fuck.

The first place I decided to blow to bits was the lower part of the glass-windowed shelf. And what do I find? Sailormoon gift bags lol :P

In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

I admit it, I was the biggest Sailormoon fangirl back then. I think I still am though, only not as severe. Next to the bags were a pile notes from my Psychology 201 class. It was an interesting read--interesting enough that I found myself pouring through the pages and ultimately meandering away from cleaning. I suffer from A.D.D., so bite me.

With the bottom shelf done, I moved to the other shelf:

Candle magick?

I love candles. And essential oils, yes mmm. I'd grow my own herbs if I could but any plant I touch has the tendency to crumble into a little heap of compost.
For those who are wondering, I run a cult too: Circle of the Mystic Nekos. Yes, the truth is out! I'm not some fancy James Bond spy vixen, I'm just a plain old witch :P We're holding rites of initiation sometime this month, all who are interested are welcome to attend our promiscuous frolick under the moonlit night...

I'm kidding <3

No offense to any Wiccans reading ^^; Much love and respect to you all <3 The selfish little stab I made was meant for simple minds of diluted realities.

Moving along...

I shifted my attention to the covered portion of the shelf beside my bed. What do I find? More Sailormoon.

Sailormoon by the bed
Odango atama and the scouts.

And my little treasure trove of trophies:

Kiasu princess
Kiasu princess.

To think I was hardworking and a bloody kiasu little overachiever geek back "in those days". I'm almost convinced that it was some alternate reality I had completely fabricated to escape the cruel, jagged teeth of reality. Sigh, don't we all live for melodramaticity? Oh look, I'm making up words along the way. Too bad, as current reality stands, I'm a useless bum :P

Hmm, what else did I find? Besides Aunty May's ISIC card (good times at the Cardinal by the way *hugs* ;p), I found these nested comfortably between stacks of scratch paper:

DE and probability
Differential equa... wha?

Geeky math books (not one but TWO) by my fucking bed stand, seriously. Where did that part of me die off to? I blame Chemical Engineering. Well, no. I blame the people in that deparment, the ones that made me despise studying altogether. So here's a royal fuck you to the little bitches who strove to make every one of my course mates in my year (and so forth) miserable.

On a brighter note:

England: Human Body project
The neck bone is connected to the head bone!

Yay! Memories from England! :D I think this was my final Science project of some sort. As I flipped through the pages, I came across something that made me laugh out loud. It was a fingerprint exercise (to learn the different patterns etc) and for the exercise, I had to fabricate a "bad guy", draw a picture of him/her, come up with a background story and fingerprint the "bad guy" as if he/she had been caught (i.e. my own).

Take a guess what I named my baddie alter-ego? (to my own credit, this little fact only proves that I've loved cats since the beginning of time :P)

I can't believe I called her Pussy...


Ok, when you were ten years old, it's all nice, innocent and that's a good nickname for a baddie who's got the word "cat" in her name. Now that I'm a bloody shameless pervert at the age of twenty-two, it's beyond horrific :P That's so going into my treasure trove.

Ugh, all this procrastinated cleaning is taking a toll on my trash bags. Barely two hours and I'm running out of trash bags already. As I'm bouncing back and forth my shelves, I find more strange/interesting/memorable stuff that include: old make-up that I bought to apply for one occassion (fucking peer pressure :p) only to forget about when the next event cropped up, an enormous stack of pictures, guitar strings, an old guitar chord book, all my ancient government exam papers (from year 12, 15 and 17 :p), kindergarten progress report books, all three years worth (I was pretty much already a kiasu brat back then LOL) and lots and lots of CDs.

In the midst of sorting
Hurricane: in the midst of sorting.

What else... oh yeah, seemingly neverending stacks of calculus notes >_< The pile has grown up to about one and a half feet tall :/ And oh oh, *the* Theatre 101 script for our first play.

Fuck Drama class. That class was filled with fucking ass kissers (yes baby, that includes you and your merry gang of butt kissers :P) that were more interested in sucking than acting. Ooh, zing!

I had also found the musical box I had to make when I was 15 for a "living skills" class project. I know, a musical box is just so practical in every day use that we simply HAD to make one from scratch. I aced the carpentry and electrical circuit part. Failed miserably when it came time to make a quilt cover for my box. Says plenty about my feminine domestic skills eh?

Dance magic, dance!
Dance, magic dance!

The biggest discovery of the day: a Backstreet Boys CD.

I am going to drown myself and repent for the rest of my life for even having that wretched thing in the sanctity of my room. Burn!

All that excitement aside, I went through my stuff from Japan <3 I spent a good time just looking through them feeling awkwardly nostalgic... and reminiscing :/ Oh! I found this curious thing buried deep within my photo albums:

Keeping deliciously warm
Keeping deliciously warm.

What is that you ask? If memory serves me right, it's a pouch filled with sand that heats up after you shake it vigorously. I'm sure there's some simple chemical reaction going on but the darn thing is in Japanese and I can't read Japanese. I mean, I can read hiragana but won't have any clue what the fuck I am saying. So, yeah.

I had tons of fun shaking that thing :)

The pouch's insides had nearly solidified (guess how long it's been hidden! :P), so no more shaking :/

I'm done with most of the room, just one more cupboard to clean out >.> Although I suspect I'm going to throw out 90% of the things in there. At the end of the day, I came out with two piles (minus the stack of calculus notes and random magazines which I've already carted out :P), the pile to keep:

Keep me!
Keep me!

And the pile to dump for good:

Throw you!
Throw you!

Besides my stinky garlic-smelling fingers from massaging chicken wings, it was a memorable day indeed :)


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